Saturday, December 29, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Man, have we been busy, although if you looked at our house, you wouldn't think so! Talk about a bombsite! We have had a great day today hanging out at Lake Opuha with D's ma and pa - he got 3 skis in before he felt too knackered to go on! J had at least 4 rides in the boat, so I think we've cracked that nut, thank goodness. Just have to get him in the bl**dy water now!

Ange comes for tea tonight - she has requested a feed of good ol' Kiwi fish and chips, with apple crumble for dessert, which is understandable since she has been away for about two years, and leaves tomorrow again for goodness knows how much least another 18 months until their contract in Kuwait ends anyways....a;though it is half six now, and still no sign of her! I see that 'morrison time' has not improved in her absence, ha ha ha!

I have nearly cleaned out the spare room now, so almost time to get the bunks back in there and find our hallway again, phew! You know how most people have a cupboard, or a garage, full of 'stuff' ??? We had a room, so imagine the mess!

Tomorrow is Sunday, so I might make it the last day to get things cleaned up so I can then chill and enjoy my holiday... hopefully! Monday is New Year's Eve, not too sure about plans for that yet, then we are back off to the Lake again on Tuesday, so here's hoping for some more good weather.

Might go check on the progress of the stewed apples for the apple crumble, catchya later.... byeeeeeee!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another Christmas over already...

Well, here goes, my first ever blog!

We are a tired little family after the incredibly fabulous chaos of Christmas... up at 7am with Jake shredding his presents in record time (gotta love that!), then breakfast with my Nanny and Grandad, a quick jaunt to the beach to try out Jake's new kite, then home to hastily put the finishing touches on lunchtime's desserts - boysenberry delight and pineapple cheesecake. Lunch with Darryl's family, then back home at half four to collect dessert for dinner, and off to see my family for a barbecue tea. Got home about half ten, absolutely shattered.

Was lucky enough to get spoilt rotten for Christmas though - D got me a gorgeous silver channel bracelet with cubic zirconias all over it - BLING BLING! as well as matching earrings, a really cool book and of course some scrapbooking equipment (a storage device for lots of little scrappy things - woohoo!)

Currently just cruisin' in the lounge with D watching some of the DVD I got him for Christmas - Long Way Down. Might go watch more rather than just listen, will post more maybe tomorrow :) byeeeeee