Thursday, October 13, 2011

What a week!

Man, it's sure been one of those weeks in our household....

Remember my visit to the dentist?  Well, I've been back to see him twice more since then... Monday I went back because I could no longer eat or sleep, so he prescribed me oral antibiotics to kick the infection, but by Tuesday morning I was starting to be physically sick, and hadn't had any sleep for a couple nights by then.  I was a MESS.  My lovely boss took one look at me on Tuesday morning, and said 'you don't look great, are you ok?' and I promptly burst into tears... oh dear! So I was back to see the dentist AGAIN... third time in 5 days.  Long story short, my mouth is still a little tender, but I am happily eating (on the other side of my mouth!) and sleeping once more.  Awesome!!!  Back for a visit in December for a root canal... not so awesome.  However, needs must, ya know?

THEN, yesterday darling hubby had a fiddle with my car fuses, in the hopes of getting my rear de-mister and keyless entry to work again.  Today I got up (on my own cos everyone else was still dozin), and left for work at 7.30am, to find that I no longer had functioning windscreen wipers, or indicators.  Oh crap! Luckily he visited while I was at work, had another fiddle, and fixed THAT problem... but nope, still no rear de-mister, and still no keyless entry. Bugger.

AND THEN (or should I say nek minnit!) I get a call at work just after lunch from our lovely GP to tell me that he had sent D to A&E with chest pains, and that perhaps I should get up there.  Yike, panic, panic!!!  He'd had a sore chest for a couple of days, which we were blaming on the infamous collarbone incident from February, but it was getting worse, so he went in for a check-up.  By then the pains were getting much worse, and seemed localised around his heart and/or lungs.  Dr Rob was worried it might be pericarditis (inflammation of the sac around the heart), which is seriously nasty stuff.  Luckily, after many tests, x-rays, a referral to a cardiologist, some IV pain relief, and more poking and prodding from the A&E doc, it was diagnosed as costochondritis... which, to quote wikipedia is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone (sternum).  This inflammation causes sharp pain in the costosternal joint, where your ribs and breastbone are joined by rubbery cartilage.  Pain caused by costochondritis may mimic that of a heart attack or other heart conditions. So, not a heart attack, nor pericarditis, but still reasonably serious shit.  The only form of treatment is anti-inflammatory meds and analgesics.  Poor D.  Not much fun while you're on your annual leave, is it?  Nope, not ideal.

So, it's been QUITE a week!  Tomorrow is the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal.  I help out each year as a volunteer.  I'll be outside The Warehouse between 3pm and 5pm tomorrow, might see you then?


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Toothache, a Crop Day, Bathurst and Drifting (again)

So, on Thursday I managed to get an emergency appointment at the dentist, as I have been putting up with toothache for a few months now.  It was finally getting the better of me, so it had to be done.  We all love going to the dentist, right?  NOT!  Turns out I wasn't imagining the toothache after all... I had an abscess at the base of a nerve which was causing all the trouble.  So after a fair bit of drilling and scraping (nuf said), I was back at work with that lovely my-mouth-is-so-numb-I-may-just-dribble-by-accident feeling... yummy.  Gotta go back in December for a root canal.  SO excited about that...  Needless to say, I have had a bit of a sore mouth ever since it was messed around with.  Apparently it may take a week to settle down.  Great.

Now, to a much nicer subject.... yesterday (Saturday) was an Embellish It crop day, round at the Highfield School Hall.... very conveniently just around the corner from home!  I got a cute layout done, and also made a cool card (but I can't show you that cos the recipient is sometimes a blog reader!).  Here's the layout...

We were in Christchurch for the day last Saturday, and I dropped in to Scrappin Patch and bought these super cute My Mind's Eye papers, and yummy velvet ribbon to match.  I'm really pleased with the final layout... used my Cheery Lynn Doily Die, my Martha Stewart Doily Lace punch, and my Bo Bunny chandelier stamp, as well as some My Mind's Eye buttons that I bought at Scrappin Patch back in February when we did the Trina class.

Taz was one of our first fur-babies.  When we got married we adopted two kitties from the SPCA and Taz was one of them.  She was part of our family for 12 years.  She was one COOL cat.  Way cool.  Here's a few close-ups...

And of course, today was BATHURST DAY!  It's always a big day in our house... lots of food, visitors and race footage.  While I went out and stocked up on munchies at the supermarket, the boys hung the flags so that we were all ready.  When I got back, J and I decorated the car cookies that I had made especially for today...  I did the outlining and the flood icing, while J did the sprinkles and M&M's...

Cute huh?  Taste pretty good too!

So here's some of the munchies we had on hand for today...  mmm, mmmmmm!

Sadly Ford didn't come through for us today, but tbh we weren't really expecting them to.  They are very outnumbered by the Holdens in the field.  Our time will come, one of these days!  If a Holden has to win, I tend to back Craig Lowndes, or Greg Murphy.  Craig is one of racing's real nice guys, and Murph is a Kiwi, so it's always nice to see them at the front of the field.  The end of the race was a real nail biter... Lowndes was SO CLOSE to getting in front of Garth Tander (who I don't happen to like very much)... we were willing him on, but it didn't help in the end.  At least Lowndes got second and Murph was third.  Best Ford was 4th... bummer.  Like I said, our time will come... one of these days.  The sign of a true fan is one who supports their team, even when they aren't winning.  That's us.  Maybe next year?  :)

And finally, J has been spending A LOT of time on his trike since I last showed you.... he's got the whole drift thing sorted now, see?....

And of course, there's no drifting without Daddy having a go...!

Right, that's it from me I guess...  Oh, did you know that the class I am teaching for Embellish It next month is a sell-out already, and she hasn't even advertised the sneak peeks yet... how cool is that?!  FAB-U-LOUS!

Ok, off to watch the rest of the movie I have been watching... The Lincoln Lawyer starring Matthew McConaughey.  Quite good (so far!)