Friday, March 22, 2013

Well hello there....

Yup, it really is me.  I know, it's been an ETERNITY since I posted here... but I do have an exciting reason to get back into it, promise!  (and to those of you who have just arrived here via the Scrapfest blog hop, welcome!)

That's right peeps, I finally made the decision this week to sign up for Scrapfest by the Sea, in Nelson in August.  I have known Trina for a while, and have even had the privilege to be one of her teaching assistants in the past, so I know that this girl knows her stuff.  Anything she puts together will be fabulous fun, and so amazingly well planned.  I cant wait!  My mum Rosie is coming too.  In fact she signed up months before I did!  So we are both really looking forward to a fun, girly long weekend together, and it's only 22 weeks away....the countdown is on :)

For you Scrapfesters out there, I'm Beck/Becks/Becky.  I am 38, married, and have a 9 year old son who often thinks that he knows more than his mother does, although this is rarely the case.  I have been scrapping for 13 years, and also delve into a bit of self taught sewing from time to time.  I work school hours (for obvious reasons) at the local Council, love to bake, and enjoy catching up with friends and family in my spare time.

Mum doesn't have a blog, so she gets to ride on the coat-tails of this post. AND she, by the way, is awesome!  We share the same sense of humour, and are not afraid to laugh at ourselves when we do something stupid (which can happen from time to time!).  My sisters tease us about hanging out together doing our 'geeky' or 'nerdy' papercraft, but I know they love us both really.  Besides, I know that they like what we can come up with when being creative...they are often the subjects of said creativity, so they'd better like it!  Here's me and Ma at a class together... picture of innocence, right?  Yeah right!

Anyway ladies, you won't miss Rosie and I when we are at Scrapfest, we'll be the ones laughing at each other!  I look forward to meeting you all in 22 weeks time :)

Now, this blog hop thing...  I decided I'd better make something crafty to put in this post, so I have very quickly whipped up a super cute Easter Chick treat box to show you:

I have to confess that it was SO not complicated...thanks to my favourite scrapbooking and paper crafting tool, my Silhouette Cameo.  I downloaded the cutting file from the online store lickity-split, and I had it cut out and glued together in minutes!  Sadly I haven't done a lot of other crafting lately, with other things on our plate here at home, but I am very much looking forward to getting my scrap on in Nelson soon.  See you there!

So now I pass the torch... pop on over and visit Elaine at her blog here...