Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just a little...

...little, little, tiny post tonight. I have a lot to catch you up on, but I have a lot of hard out revision to get done before my two three-hour exams next week. Come 5.10pm next Thursday, my study is over for the year! YEEEEHAAAA! Bring on the Barbecuing-Scrapping-Chatting-Drinking-Doing-whatever-I-want-because-I-don't-have-to-study season of summer! Righto, back to the books I spose. Anyone want to know about Negligent Misstatements, the Remedy of Specific Performance, or the function of the New Zealand Constitution? No? Oh well, it's just me then. Hope you are all happy, healthy and warm (it's b....... cold tonight isn't it? Even my pink slippies are cutting the mustard tonight, brrrrr). Ok, enough procrastination from me. Don't expect much over the next week tho ok?

Toodles, B x

Monday, October 6, 2008

Photos should be visible now...

...on the AMIMALS post.

And, Bridgette - wtf? That's not our barbecue you idiot!!!! We actually have one of those flash six burner rotisserie stainless jobs, but it's in the shed behind a whole lotta crap and I couldn't be arsed dragging it out and spring cleaning it first, so I used our camp cooker and frying pan because we were only cooking 6 kebabs. You're SILLY!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha

Toodles, B x

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The next Jamie Oliver???

...well, I can only live in hope! J helped me get tea sorted tonight. He's not too bad really, especially for a four year old. While I shredded the lettuce and sliced the tomatoes, he grated the carrot and cheese for our salad. Then while I got the kebabs ready to cook, he buttered the bread to go on our plates too. Being a boy though, he decided any 'outdoor' cooking needed to be done by him (funny!!!). I had to finish off once the novelty wore off, but he didn't do a bad job to be honest.....

So, like I said, I can only live in hope that I am helping to create the next Jamie Oliver, or pehaps Gordon Ramsay (god help us!) Ha ha ha ha ha! Although, if he wants to learn really good culinary skills, he'll have to find a better teacher!

Right, I'm off to bed, I have another book to start - a Sophie Kinsella one which appears to be a nice light read. Catch you all later in the week? Let me know what YOU'VE been up to, ok?

Cheerio old chums! Toodles, B x
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Feeding the 'Amimals' !!!

Yup, Diezel calls it feeding the 'amimals' - how cute is that?! Ha ha ha! Here's J feeding Daisy the miniature horse. Just minutes later what was left of his bag of amimal pellets was taken right out of his hand by a greedy goat - paper bag and all!

J had a great time - we could hear them laughing and yelling at the amimals from over the other side of the building where us grown ups were having coffee and cake!!! It wasn't the warmest day, but it wasn't too bad really. I see from the news tonight that Timmers is forecast to drop to ZERO degrees overnight tonight - thank goodness for electric blankets in the absence of warm husbands to snuggle into when it's cold. Only THREE SLEEPS to go now, yeah!

On the way home from the party, J asked if we could go see Granny, so I got him to phone her on our way back into town to see if she would be at home (which she was), then we crashed at her place for a bit while I had a cuppa with Ma. J wasn't quiet or still the whole time we were there..... Mum actually commented that she was glad she only had girls!!!! Obviously little boys are quite another kettle of fish! Ha ha ha!

Well, I have another couple of photos to load, but will put them in the next post.... see ya soon! B x

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well, I'm going to head off to bed now, but I'll leave you with a pic of the card I just made for Ryda, whose 3rd birthday party we are going to tomorrow morning.....

It's sometimes hard to come up with BOY card ideas - I mean, girls are easy peasy, you just chuck something pink or flowery on a card and you're done - so I'm stoked with how this looks, and yes, I did hand draw the triangles Bo!

Righto, I'm orf.... nighty night :) B x
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Yay - I'm 'ONLINE' again!

Yep, I've been without a computer for a few days this week - when you own two, what are the odds on that huh?! My desktop was away getting a cleanout (you know, clearing out all those bits of crap you download off the net that you never use), and the practice manager took my laptop to set up remote access to the office network, which took a couple of days. Sadly, it felt like I had my arms chopped off - shows how much we rely on computers eh?

I can actually tell you now that D has been away since last Sunday morning, in Australia. I couldn't say anything before in case his brother read about it on the blog, because D wanted to surprise him when he got to Perth on Thursday. It's been a looooong week! Unfortunately, this time, J has been an unsettled little sh*t at night, and the only person he wants at midnight, or 1am, or whenever, is DADDY! Grrrrrr. Oh well, such is life.... Not much I can do about it I spose, lucky for me D gets back on Wednesday. Bring it on! FOUR MORE SLEEPS TO GO!!!

So I am home alone this evening, J is actually sleeping, and I am watching 'Definitely, Maybe' on DVD, while talking to you!!! So, what've you lot all been up to this week? I've had some late nights and restless sleeps - I'm never any good at going to bed when D isn't already in there snoring.... so I stay up late until I'm practically ready to fall asleep, and then get woken up by J (except for last night, and hopefully tonight too).

I have filed my last assignment for the Legal Exec course - it was due on Wednesday, and I think it was approximately 11.57pm when I uploaded it - just in the nick of time, phew! Now the only hurdle left is the two exams at the end of this month.... Monday 20th and Thursday 23rd. Can't WAIT until they are over - they freak me out ENTIRELY!

The only social highlight for us before then is, of course, BATHURST - next Sunday. And the only comment I have to make here is GO FORD!!!!!! Yeah! Bring on the noise, the drinks, the food, and the friends. Anyone interested in hanging at our place to watch some (or all) of The Great Race is most welcome - open home, byo booze!

Oh, and it's only 82 sleeps until Christmas! Yeah!

That's about it from me for now, I've run out of things to update you with, so see ya!

Toodles, B x