Sunday, October 5, 2008

Feeding the 'Amimals' !!!

Yup, Diezel calls it feeding the 'amimals' - how cute is that?! Ha ha ha! Here's J feeding Daisy the miniature horse. Just minutes later what was left of his bag of amimal pellets was taken right out of his hand by a greedy goat - paper bag and all!

J had a great time - we could hear them laughing and yelling at the amimals from over the other side of the building where us grown ups were having coffee and cake!!! It wasn't the warmest day, but it wasn't too bad really. I see from the news tonight that Timmers is forecast to drop to ZERO degrees overnight tonight - thank goodness for electric blankets in the absence of warm husbands to snuggle into when it's cold. Only THREE SLEEPS to go now, yeah!

On the way home from the party, J asked if we could go see Granny, so I got him to phone her on our way back into town to see if she would be at home (which she was), then we crashed at her place for a bit while I had a cuppa with Ma. J wasn't quiet or still the whole time we were there..... Mum actually commented that she was glad she only had girls!!!! Obviously little boys are quite another kettle of fish! Ha ha ha!

Well, I have another couple of photos to load, but will put them in the next post.... see ya soon! B x

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