Sunday, October 5, 2008

The next Jamie Oliver???

...well, I can only live in hope! J helped me get tea sorted tonight. He's not too bad really, especially for a four year old. While I shredded the lettuce and sliced the tomatoes, he grated the carrot and cheese for our salad. Then while I got the kebabs ready to cook, he buttered the bread to go on our plates too. Being a boy though, he decided any 'outdoor' cooking needed to be done by him (funny!!!). I had to finish off once the novelty wore off, but he didn't do a bad job to be honest.....

So, like I said, I can only live in hope that I am helping to create the next Jamie Oliver, or pehaps Gordon Ramsay (god help us!) Ha ha ha ha ha! Although, if he wants to learn really good culinary skills, he'll have to find a better teacher!

Right, I'm off to bed, I have another book to start - a Sophie Kinsella one which appears to be a nice light read. Catch you all later in the week? Let me know what YOU'VE been up to, ok?

Cheerio old chums! Toodles, B x
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Bridgette said...

Bloody hell, great looking bbq. NOT!
I am pleased that your are only cooking for just two at the moment. Because it would not hold food for three.
Ha, Ha, Ha,
ps I would hate to see it full of food, may colpase the table