Friday, February 29, 2008

Racing time!!!

I nearly forgot to tell you - on Wednesday, a few kids from daycare (J included of course) walked down to Paykels to meet Jono Lester - the 18 year old gun Porsche driver the Blackwoods Paykels sponsor. J was really excited to be going, but of course we got there and he clammed up, got all shy, and wouldn't say boo! He did talk to him eventually, and of course he got to talk to Grandad Caithness who incidentally works at Paykels. Grandad was manning the barbecue, so all the boys got a sausage to munch on while they checked out the race-car. VERY COOL! I asked Jono some questions about the car, and apparently at the last Timaru meeting he was at, the cabin temp got up to 63 degrees! And no, he doesn't wear a cool suit, he just prides himself on being fit enough to tough it out. Now that's impressive!

The kids posed for a quick photo with Jono, and some of them were even brave enought o climb in and check out the passenger seat... Look at that cheeky monkey!

So this afternoon we are off to the track to watch D, then most of the weekend off and on will be spent out there watching fast cars and inhaling avgas fumes - yeehaaa!!!!! :D. That's it for now, Toodles, B x

AND, I have been scrapping!

Last Sunday when it got to like 36 degrees out, I was indoors hiding in the shade, scrapping! I am trying to make myself go back and do earlier photos of J, I am only about 3 years behind, ha ha ha! So I started by going a wee way back - to last September when he got his tonsils out. I have had this Eeyore paper forever and thought it was so cute when I bought it, but couldn't bring myself to cut it up (you know how it goes girls!). But I did, finally, use it!

And then I went out to Gina's last night (twice - long story, I was doing a Lelia!), and I have nearly finished a double page spread on J's first birthday...

I just have the journalling to do and maybe a bit of fiddling with embellishments etc.... Man, looking at these photos, they seem like and eternity ago.... I suppose they were really, ha ha ha!

Oh well, I am going to go now, as it is nearly time to get out the door with J for the day. This afternoon we are going out to Levels to see D having a hotlap in Cameron McLean's NZV8 (a Ford of course!). Should be AWESOME! More laters, Toodles, B x

History IS interesting (sometimes!)

Back again. I often have interesting little chats with Mark at work about matters historical...the other day he showed me a photo of the port, which didn't have the Port Loop Road on it. It looked SO strange. So we got to chatting about when the Port Loop Road must have been built and how long it probably took, and a couple of days later he brought me this from the museum...

So, apparently it was built in 1972 (two years before I was even thought of, ha ha ha), and was a mammoth task at the time. How cool is this photo? I think it's really cool to know a bit about what's around you, you know? More soon. Toodles, B x

Yikes! - It's official...

I know I haven't blogged in a few days (thanks Bo and Rach for reminding me!) but things have been super crazy busy around here... Last weekend vanished in no time at all which hardly seems fair...

Yep, no turning back now - I am officially a student again - holy crap! Part of me is SO excited, and the other part is sh*tting itself!!! Ha ha ha. Apparently a HUGE pile of paperwork is due to arrive on my doorstep any day now..... Arrgghhhh!!!! Toodles, B x

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I LOVE TradeMe!!!

He he he - my mini sewing machine arrived today, I LOVE getting parcels in the mail (although it IS better if you don't have to pay for them first!!!). I can't wait to get a layout together so I can use this thing, although I have spent most of the evening figuring out how to thread the bobbin into the right place and adjust the friggin tension on the darn thing.... me and my bright ideas huh?!

Honestly though, what a bargain - $20 on TradeMe, and it runs on either 4 AA batteries or an AC adaptor. The coolest thing about it compared to other mini ones I have seen at The Warehouse etc is that it does both straight stitch and zigzag - fabulous! Not to mention it is SO cute! Ha ha ha. That's like buying something for the tin that it's in, isn't it Rach?! Not that WE would ever do that of course!

Anyway, I'm off to beddybyes now... Toodles, B x

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Woohoo - it's coming back!!!

OMG, I am SO excited - Dancing With the Stars is coming back, from next Tuesday night - I just saw an ad for it tonight - yeehaa!!!! I just LOVE that show! Don't be ringing or texting that night unless its mighty important, ha ha ha! Ok, I just had to share that, it's outta my system (for now!)... Toodles, B x

Plums anyone?!

No seriously, does anyone want any plums? We have a tree absolutely laden with them at the moment. I went out last night and picked plums for about half an hour, and this is what I ended up with...

So today I am taking a huge trayful to work, another container-full to daycare for the kids to munch on, and I'll drop some off to Nan too. After washing THAT MANY plums, I'm nearly plummed out! Ha ha ha. I did cut and stone some last night and stewed them up to go with J's cereal - they seem to stew up quite nicely, thank goodness. So I have one more huge container full of plums (not counting the ones still all over the tree) sitting on my bench to be stewed and frozen. Phew!
Anyway, how was everyone's weekend? Ours was crazy busy... After my last post we rushed around getting a few things done here before dropping J to Mum's for the night at half twelve, then came home to get prettied up for the wedding (which takes some doing, ha ha ha!). Sue picked us up at half two, then we were off! The sun came out in time for the ceremony which was lovely - I even got sunburnt. Surprising considering the CRAP weather we had been having for the previous 36 hours. Nic was just gorgeous, Scott was very handsome in his pinstriped suit and the ceremony was lovely.

The reception was fun - ate far too much food because it was SO yummy, and then we danced until the band stopped at half past midnight. We wobbled home not long after that, getting to bed about 1am......another late night! Man, I am WAY TOO OLD for all these late nights!

Sunday morning disappeared as I drove next month's bride around possible wedding photo sites, and when I got home, we took off straight away to go see Clayton at the motocross out the back of Pleasant Point. I took a few pics of him while were there...
And now it looks like I may have managed to score some work at their Champs in April. Woohoo! Excellent! Oh, and I forgot to tell you all what a lovely surprise I got on Valentine's Day when I got home from work.... I came home to this:
We had decided not to do Valentines day this year (other than cards) because it is a big anniversary for us this year - 12 years next month! - and we are off to the Marlborough Sounds for Mary's wedding a week or so later, but look what D did for me... what a sweetie... Love ya!
Oh well, enough rambling from me - this should keep Rach happy for a day or so anyway (!!!). Toodles, B x Oh PS - HAPPY HUMP DAY!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is it Saturday already?

Wow - how did Saturday get here so fast? It's 11.30am and I've only just finished breakfast, so today is going to disappear pretty darn quick! We went out for tea last night, then went to Ma and Pa's afterward so that D, Dad, Clarke and DJ could have a few bourbons... got home at about half one, so we all slept until half ten this morning! Woohoo!!!

Today is Nic and Scott's wedding, so I have my fingers crossed for them that the weather improves - it's not so flash at the moment outside, and they were going to have a garden wedding. By the time we have lunch and drop J off at Mum's, then get showered and dressed for the wedding, today is going to FLY by! And for once I am a guest without working at the wedding, which will be great fun!Anyhoo, that's all from me for now.... might post a wedding pic tomorrow... Toodles, B x

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's HUMP DAY! (teehee)

Yay, it's Hump Day today (ie Wednesday, the hump in the middle of the week) - that means that the weekend is on it's way again - woohoo! Seeing as I didn't spend the last one at home, it'll be nice to have a weekend with my boys, although we are going to a wedding on Saturday, so J will be hanging out with Granny Rose and Grandad Jim for Saturday afternoon and evening. Oooh, I might get a sleep in on Sunday, NIIICE! Well, nothing further to add, was going to scrap tonight, but have decided to surf scrap sites instead - my next favourite thing to do :) Toodles, B x

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!

Hi guys, I'm finally back on deck! Had a FABULOUS weekend last weekend out at Raincliff at Scrapbooking Camp, but of course, what goes on camp stays on camp, so shhhhhh!!!!! Ask no questions, I'll tell no lies, ha ha ha! I managed to get the four layouts done for my design team submission, which was a HUGE ask for me, as I really didnt like many of the papers, they were just not the kind of papers I would choose myself you know?

To be honest, I really dont like the last one - 17 years young... (I think it's the patterned paper that irks me), but I love the one of little Oliver, and of course the Buzz Lightyear one of J - that photo cracks me up every time I see it!!!!!

I also got some layouts done for me, with papers etc that I CHOSE (heehee) - my favourite for the weekend is the one I did of my Dad. I like the fact that it helps me to share how I feel about my Dad when as a rule I'm not all that good at telling him. I mean, he knows I love him, but it's nice to kind of pay tribute, you know? Anyway, I am stoked with how it turned out. I think I am getting better with using different techniques now, like sewing, paper curling, stamping, stapling etc. Check it out...

I was also really pleased with how the double layout turned out - I had kinda planned that in my head before camp so that I had the right number of little photos to go in the frames, but don't talk to me about that Klick'nKut machine huh Rach?! Arrrggghh, I am SURE that bloody thing doesn't like me!!!! Ha ha ha.

Anyway, camp is over for another 6 months, and I have D back from Aussie, so back to normal in the Caithness household for a while... phew!

Oh, and I am an auntie again - sister-in-law Bron had a baby boy by caesarian on Monday - Cameron James Lister, weighing in at a healthy 8lb 7oz. He's the cutest little bundle at the moment (but aren't they all?!) Sometimes its a shame that they have to grow up!!!!!

Oh well, busy busy busy for the next few weeks around here... I think I counted two weekends out of the next two months when we DON'T have something on - most unlike us actually! We have two weddings to attend, I have two to work at, we have barbecues to go to, first birthdays coming up, and we still have to do all the usual eating, sleeping, washing, drinking etc etc etc - looks like there might be quite a bit of the latter coming up - oh no, hangovers :( Ha ha ha.

Wel, I'm going to get moving - I have washing to hang up and some photos to check on the computer before bedtime, so I'm outta here.... Toodles, B x

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blast from the Past...

OMG - have been going through photo albums looking for a baby photo for the work baby photo guessing competition, and decided on this one...

Ha ha ha - check me out, I'm a little fatty!!!!!! He he he. Am hoping the the fact I am wearing a blue cardy will fool the people at work :) Yes, evil I know!

Also found this one in the bottom of a box, a true blast from the past - me at age 17 (nearly 17 years ago, ie HALF MY LIFETIME ago)

Woohoo - well that's it from me for now, am done reminiscing... Toodles, B x

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The end of the weekend.....sigh

Hi de hi campers... well, it's pretty much the end of the weekend now, dammit! It's been a strange one - really awesome but really sucky also....
OK - the awesome part... Jake stayed the night at Auntie Gem's flat for the first time on Friday night. Gem and DJ picked him up from daycare at about 4pm, then they watched dvds and ate popcorn and lollies until Jake went to bed. The little bugger didn't even wake during the night or get up hellishly early like he does at home! (Just kidding, its great that he was good for them). Gem went in to see him at 9am because she hadn't heard from him, and he was just lying there awake waiting for someone to get him up! UNBELIEVABLE! So WE had a lovely sleep-in on Saturday morning - in fact we didnt wake until 9am! D got up, but I decided to stay in bed with my book, and D made me a cup of tea (good husband!). I can proudly say that I didnt get out of bed until half ten - woohoo!!!!!! Love it! We went out to do a couple messages, then grabbed a toastie at Sopheze for lunch before Jake came home at half one. Talk about a cruisy day!
The sucky part.... Spent the latter part of the day getting D packed to go to Aussie for work on Sunday. TOTALLY not cool.
This morning (Sunday) we got D's stuff finally sorted, then headed round to the school for J to have a play on his bike and scooter for a bit. He just LOVES going round there! Unfortunately he only knows two things about riding a bike - you ride it flat out (without training wheels of course), and you skid to a stop! We came home and said farewell to D at half ten, which was real hard. J gets upset everytime he goes away, he's such a Daddy's boy. This week is not going to be the easiest me thinks. Bugger.
J talked Grandad Jim into meeting him back at the school this afternoon to have bike races (how cute is that!). The two of them rode around and around and around and around (you get the picture?) for about 45 minutes while Granny Rose and I sat in the shade with Billie and watched! Ha ha ha. He was well knackered after that so we had a very relaxing afternoon at home, then back to Grannys for a BBQ tea. YUM. Back to work and daycare tomorrow, ho hum. Did I mention that I am going to enrol to do my Legal executive papers this year through the Open Polytech? I'm really excited and really scared all at the same time - keep wondering what the *#$% am I doing?! LOL
Oh well, time to get off to bed, always takes me ages to wind down for the night when D is away, I'll probably end up reading until the wee small hours, so may as well get started on that now huh?! Toodles, B x :)