Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!

Hi guys, I'm finally back on deck! Had a FABULOUS weekend last weekend out at Raincliff at Scrapbooking Camp, but of course, what goes on camp stays on camp, so shhhhhh!!!!! Ask no questions, I'll tell no lies, ha ha ha! I managed to get the four layouts done for my design team submission, which was a HUGE ask for me, as I really didnt like many of the papers, they were just not the kind of papers I would choose myself you know?

To be honest, I really dont like the last one - 17 years young... (I think it's the patterned paper that irks me), but I love the one of little Oliver, and of course the Buzz Lightyear one of J - that photo cracks me up every time I see it!!!!!

I also got some layouts done for me, with papers etc that I CHOSE (heehee) - my favourite for the weekend is the one I did of my Dad. I like the fact that it helps me to share how I feel about my Dad when as a rule I'm not all that good at telling him. I mean, he knows I love him, but it's nice to kind of pay tribute, you know? Anyway, I am stoked with how it turned out. I think I am getting better with using different techniques now, like sewing, paper curling, stamping, stapling etc. Check it out...

I was also really pleased with how the double layout turned out - I had kinda planned that in my head before camp so that I had the right number of little photos to go in the frames, but don't talk to me about that Klick'nKut machine huh Rach?! Arrrggghh, I am SURE that bloody thing doesn't like me!!!! Ha ha ha.

Anyway, camp is over for another 6 months, and I have D back from Aussie, so back to normal in the Caithness household for a while... phew!

Oh, and I am an auntie again - sister-in-law Bron had a baby boy by caesarian on Monday - Cameron James Lister, weighing in at a healthy 8lb 7oz. He's the cutest little bundle at the moment (but aren't they all?!) Sometimes its a shame that they have to grow up!!!!!

Oh well, busy busy busy for the next few weeks around here... I think I counted two weekends out of the next two months when we DON'T have something on - most unlike us actually! We have two weddings to attend, I have two to work at, we have barbecues to go to, first birthdays coming up, and we still have to do all the usual eating, sleeping, washing, drinking etc etc etc - looks like there might be quite a bit of the latter coming up - oh no, hangovers :( Ha ha ha.

Wel, I'm going to get moving - I have washing to hang up and some photos to check on the computer before bedtime, so I'm outta here.... Toodles, B x

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Bronwyn said...

Go Beck your layouts are gorgeous