Sunday, February 3, 2008

The end of the weekend.....sigh

Hi de hi campers... well, it's pretty much the end of the weekend now, dammit! It's been a strange one - really awesome but really sucky also....
OK - the awesome part... Jake stayed the night at Auntie Gem's flat for the first time on Friday night. Gem and DJ picked him up from daycare at about 4pm, then they watched dvds and ate popcorn and lollies until Jake went to bed. The little bugger didn't even wake during the night or get up hellishly early like he does at home! (Just kidding, its great that he was good for them). Gem went in to see him at 9am because she hadn't heard from him, and he was just lying there awake waiting for someone to get him up! UNBELIEVABLE! So WE had a lovely sleep-in on Saturday morning - in fact we didnt wake until 9am! D got up, but I decided to stay in bed with my book, and D made me a cup of tea (good husband!). I can proudly say that I didnt get out of bed until half ten - woohoo!!!!!! Love it! We went out to do a couple messages, then grabbed a toastie at Sopheze for lunch before Jake came home at half one. Talk about a cruisy day!
The sucky part.... Spent the latter part of the day getting D packed to go to Aussie for work on Sunday. TOTALLY not cool.
This morning (Sunday) we got D's stuff finally sorted, then headed round to the school for J to have a play on his bike and scooter for a bit. He just LOVES going round there! Unfortunately he only knows two things about riding a bike - you ride it flat out (without training wheels of course), and you skid to a stop! We came home and said farewell to D at half ten, which was real hard. J gets upset everytime he goes away, he's such a Daddy's boy. This week is not going to be the easiest me thinks. Bugger.
J talked Grandad Jim into meeting him back at the school this afternoon to have bike races (how cute is that!). The two of them rode around and around and around and around (you get the picture?) for about 45 minutes while Granny Rose and I sat in the shade with Billie and watched! Ha ha ha. He was well knackered after that so we had a very relaxing afternoon at home, then back to Grannys for a BBQ tea. YUM. Back to work and daycare tomorrow, ho hum. Did I mention that I am going to enrol to do my Legal executive papers this year through the Open Polytech? I'm really excited and really scared all at the same time - keep wondering what the *#$% am I doing?! LOL
Oh well, time to get off to bed, always takes me ages to wind down for the night when D is away, I'll probably end up reading until the wee small hours, so may as well get started on that now huh?! Toodles, B x :)

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nic said...

hi - just thought I'd drop by and answer your question and the answer is UM YES! ALL THE TIME! lol. It works out that way often and personally I'm thrilled that obviously you can;t tell by what I post on my blog. lol.
My advice. Don't look at it and analyse it - just jump in and get it done. If you really can't start, go to the manufacturer that featurs most - go to their website and look at galleries. Fingers crossed it'll spark something!