Sunday, October 10, 2010

WWW, a Question, Spring, V8's and another Question!

Well, quite a bit to catch up on tonight peeps... How are we?  Good I hope.

Wednesday was Weigh-In day again.  I only lost 100gms this week, so not a lot, but at least it was on the right side of the scales.  Like Mum said, a loss is a loss!

Now, I have a question for you... Why is it, that when you only have one tissue left in your handbag and you have a runny nose, that it is never big enough.... but when you let just ONE little tissue sneak into your washing machine, the bloody thing expands into a million and one pieces that cover EVERYTHING?  Grrrrrr.  I hate that.

Another thing, I can definitely tell that it is Spring.  I have been Spring Cleaning!  Our place is one of those houses that always has one of THOSE rooms... you know, the room where you put 'stuff' until you can find somewhere else for it.... or the room with the never-ending pile of washing in the corner waiting to be folded and put away... (well, to be honest, sometimes both).  Well, I can honestly say, that at this moment, our WHOLE HOUSE is tidy!  It is SO nice!  I made the decision this week to move my scrap table from the corner of the dining room into the spare bedroom so that it wasn't so 'in-yer-face' when we had visitors.  I mean, it's impossible to keep it tidy all the time, right?  And even a tidy mess is still a mess, right?  You girls all know what I mean!  So now, we have our dining room returned in all it's spacious glory, and our spare bedroom has been tidied to within an inch of it's life, and filled with all my scrappy goodies.  See...

See, we have space on the floor around our table!

When I went to photograph my tidy spare room, I found J in there watching the car-racing!

Our bookcase has been turned into a bookcase-come-storage space for a lot of my scrappy crap

My desk, in it's present TIDY state! (well the left side of it), and some of my recent work on the walls for inspiration.

...and here's the right side, along with my drawers and paper storage stand.  The PC is an old one with only kids educational games like Reader Rabbit loaded on them, for J to use (when we let him!)

And today, of course, was the day of The Great Race - the Bathurst 1000.  D and I have always made a day of it, parked in front of the telly with all manner of snacks and treats to eat, as well as the odd alcoholic beverage or two.  Well I only had ONE Monteiths Cider today, but I did join the boys in having some savouries for lunch, and sausage rolls for dinner.  Not exactly the best Weight Watchers approved fare.  Oops.  Oh well, you've got to do what you want sometimes, right?  I didn't have all the usual chippies, chocolates and Shapes crackers that I would normally have had in the past, so although I ate more points than I should have, I definitely ate LESS points than I used to have (if that makes sense).  In honour of The Great Race, I made some car cookies today.  I had promised J quite some time ago that we would have them for the day, so it had to be done!  They're much the same as the last car cookies, just iced with blue icing, seeing as we're FORD supporters :)

Unfortunately Ford didn't come through for us today.  The best we managed was 5th.  BUGGER.  I still say that it's because Holden had to BUY the best drivers out there, our Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup!  All the same, I am pleased that Craig won, and Jamie got second.  They are good guys.  Those two are among the few professional drivers out there who are prepared to give their fans the time of day, without complaint.  Very admirable :)

Now I said I had another question, and I do.  It's for all you scrappy ladies out there.  How many of you, like me, have a fair bit of stuff in their stash that they no longer use?  That you bought thinking 'this will be great' and just never used it at all?  That you bought, used once, and never touched again?  That someone bought you with the best of intentions, but it just wasn't 'you'?  I could go on...  but I have an idea to run past you.  How about the idea of a scrapbookers swap meet?  I suggest that we sort through our stuff and each put together, say, three or four bins/boxes of stuff each, marked as $1, $2, $5 and $10 items.  They needn't be brand new necessarily, but fairly and reasonably priced for their use/condition.  Then we get together on a designated day, and sell/swap our items.  One girls trash may be another girls treasure?  And not limited to just scrapbooking necessarily, but including any kind of papercraft - cardmaking, stamping etc.  What do you think - anybody keen?  If there's enough of us willing, I will sort a time and place, and we'll do it.  I just thought it may be quicker/easier than listing all my stuff individually on TradeMe.  Maybe?!  I'd appreciate your feedback, either way.

Right, school's back tomorrow, so that will be a shock to the system for the smallest person in our household... no lying around in his jammies until lunchtime watching telly!  And now there's only four more sleeps until we go to Aucks to stay with Sarah and Kelvin.  We are all really looking forward to the break, seeing as these holidays weren't really holidays for us, just a juggling act in childcare really.  J is really looking forward to the flight, as he can't remember any of his previous flights (he was only 10 months old, then 3 and a half, each of the two times we went to Aussie with him).  If I don't get the chance to update you before we go, I'll fill you in when we get back.  We're only going for 4 nights, so we won't be gone long :)

Have a good week people.  Don't work too hard!