Monday, March 24, 2008

I know, I know...

Yes, I KNOW that I haven't updated in ages, and I KNOW that you people think I'm a slacker for not keeping you up to date, but I am truly running out of hours in the day at the moment, honest.

Thankfully I am on holiday this week, although I do have a couple of assignments to finish before I go away on Thursday....
I have been trying to juggle working full time, being a wife, mother and photographer, AND studying. I think I must be NUTS.

D took J outside yesterday morning so that I could get some study done, but J got bored and wanted to know what Mummy was doing. He ended up sitting on my knee drawing hugs and kisses on my study notes. Cute, but inconvenient. Not fair to get mad at him though, because tbh he doesn't get to spend that much time with his Mummy when she works all week and he's at daycare, but MAN I really need to get that study done. I think my day off tomorrow will consist of a couple of hours (at least) at the library, knuckling down and getting the assessments done really to email off to my tutor.

Nic R called in for a coffee today (which ended up being a coke cos it was so hot!), which was awesome - nice to catch up with someone from scrapping and just have a natter, you know?

I do have some photos to show you of what J has been up to lately - nothing of me of course, because I haven't been doing anything worth taking photos of!

He had a trip to Chipmunks last Saturday where he got to play with his wee friend Arthur (a buddy from daycare who is now 5 and off to school so he doesn't get to see him). They played for three hours straight, only stopping BRIEFLY for lunch. J was literally wet with sweat when we took him home. It was straight into the bath for him! He had so much fun though.... see:

I know he looks terrified, but he assured me it was AWESOME!!!!

The other thing he has done lately is have a play at the BMX track down in the Scenic Reserve. We took him down there thinking that he'd maybe play only on the flat area, but he went up and over the smaller jumps no worries - he did look a little sh*t scared a couple of times, and he did get the speed wobbles a few times too, but all in all he had a blast. We had to have at least four more 'one more lap Daddy' when it was time to try and get him and the bike back into the car to go home for tea! Check out this future Crusty Demon:

Check out the air under that back tyre! Yeeehaaaaaa!!!!!! He'll be doing Crusty-style backflips in no time! Ha ha ha.

Look at the dust and dirt all over him - didn't bother him a bit - he hit the dirt more than once, and the only time he got upset and required rescuing was when he got the major speed wobbles off a high ramp and did an impressive set of cartwheels involuntarily off his bike (oops)

Although, MOST of the time he looked like this - one very happy, crazy, mischievous little boy! (but hey, what's new huh?)

Hope you all had a happy, hoppy Easter full of rest, relaxation and above all CHOCOLATE! Good Ol' Easter Bunny visited at our place, and much to J's excitement, he bounced all over our lounge depositing eggs everywhere! It was SO FUNNY watching him find them all and put them in the little bag that Easter Bunny left him...

Well, I might go and surf a bit of TradeMe and the scrap sites before I go to bed. If you're lucky I'll post again before we go away on Thursday! Toodles, B x

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Woohoo - Hot Lap in a V8 - YEAH!!!!!

Yip, we really did go to Christchurch on Tuesday and have a hot lap each in Andrew Porter's Hydraulink V8 Falcon. IT ROCKED! Here's the proof:

D waiting (on the left) for them to adjust the belts from the previous passenger (on the right) before he climbs in...

Thumbs up from D! Second Hot Lap for him in just over two weeks, talk about lucky!

Me about to get in - yummy yellow race suit huh?! ha ha ha :)

Phew - trying to climg in past the roll cage etc - NOT EASY! Ooops...

Thumbs up, sit down, hold on, let's go! Yeeehaaaaa!

Aw man, it's over already... dammit.

Wow - what a BLAST! Can't believe it was over so fast, but am so pleased I got to do it, it was just AWESOME!!!!!

Well, it's time for me to get to bed - catch ya soon.. Toodles, B x

Motorbike Boy!!!

On Saturday, D borrowed a 4-wheeler from a friend to let J have a go... and he loved it! Check out these pics...

I'm just gutted that I was working at the wedding and missed it - lucky D got some pics so I could see how much fun he had :)
Next up, the Hot Lap!

I have so much to tell you...

...and not much time to tell it! Things have been crazy busy here since my last post. Friday - worked. Saturday - out with Ma in the morning, then working at a wedding for the afternoon/evening. Sunday - D worked on his motorbike while J and I baked, then I spent SIX HOURS working on a programme for the Kart Champs this Easter. Monday - J at home sick (asthma the night before). Tuesday - quick trip to Chch for a HOT LAP at Ruapuna. I promise to elaborate more and post pics tonight :) Gotta go get ready for work, Toodles, B x.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Before Rachel says anything...

Yes, Rach/Bo - it has been a couple of days since I blogged. Thought I'd better do something before I got another one of those texts from you about not blogging often enough! I seem to have been really busy this week, but can't really see what I have accomplished...

My double page layout of J's first birthday still lies unfinished on my scrap table, the washing is still piling up in the laundry, and the lounge still needs vacuuming desperately. Oh dear!

I still haven't even looked at the few photos I took out at the track on Sunday, so you won't see them for a bit yet. I spent two hours on Tuesday night studying some of my Legal Exec stuff with Nichola - it's going to be tough... this week we were reading/discussing the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. Don't even get me started on how much I love the Treaty of Waitangi - NOT!!!!

On the positive side, I have been really good at getting off my butt and going walking/jogging/stumbling first thing in the morning, which is NOT easy I have to say. Tonight I hope to get more study done, because I have assessments due 31 March and 5 April, and the end of the financial year is looming at work, so I'm under a bit of pressure to get shitloads of stuff done there too... Man I am looking forward to my week off after Easter!

Is anyone going away for Easter? If you are going to be hannging round here, I plan to spend that weekend doing NOTHING!!!! (In other words I could easily be persuaded to go out for coffee etc!)

Well, I have to go make J's lunch and get out the door by half seven, so I best skedaddle. If anyone wants to talk in depth about the Treaty, just let me know ok? (just kidding!). Catch ya later, Toodles, B x

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yep, I got a TATTOO!!!

No, really, I did! Well, a spray-on one anyway, ha ha ha!!!!! Looks pretty cool huh?! Will post some pics of the racing tomorrow once I've had a chance to look through them. Toodles, B x

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Check out the size of that smile!!!!!

Well, D went for his hot-lap yesterday afternoon. For the uninitiated, that means being driven round the track at speeds of up to 200kph by a professional driver in an awesomely super-cool V8! Ha ha ha!

He just LOVED it... check out the pics..

Listening to instructions from the pit crew....

The car - number 82, driven by Michael Bristow, who (no offense) looks about 12 years old!

Waiting for the previous victim (I mean race-fan) to get his helmet off so D could have his turn...

Squeezing those legs into the car!!!

Ready to go racing! Incidentally, Michael Bristow shook hands with D when he got seated in the car, which I thought was nice..

Doing massive speeds around the track...

Check out the size of that smile NOW!!! I am SO jealous, ha ha ha!

Here's what D thought of his hot-lap: "BLOODY AWESOME Sorry I can't publish what I really thought as this is a family show!! D."

Well, that's it from me, time to go get ready to head out to the track again (as purely spectators this time tho). Toodles, B x