Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Woohoo - Hot Lap in a V8 - YEAH!!!!!

Yip, we really did go to Christchurch on Tuesday and have a hot lap each in Andrew Porter's Hydraulink V8 Falcon. IT ROCKED! Here's the proof:

D waiting (on the left) for them to adjust the belts from the previous passenger (on the right) before he climbs in...

Thumbs up from D! Second Hot Lap for him in just over two weeks, talk about lucky!

Me about to get in - yummy yellow race suit huh?! ha ha ha :)

Phew - trying to climg in past the roll cage etc - NOT EASY! Ooops...

Thumbs up, sit down, hold on, let's go! Yeeehaaaaa!

Aw man, it's over already... dammit.

Wow - what a BLAST! Can't believe it was over so fast, but am so pleased I got to do it, it was just AWESOME!!!!!

Well, it's time for me to get to bed - catch ya soon.. Toodles, B x


Rachel said...

Well way to go! I would love to say I had done that even though car racing is not my thing lol!
Good to see the updates - see you really do have stalkers - but i will find them for you not good lol!

Bronwyn said...

yes we do stalk ya what an awesome week you have had and once again super busy

Anonymous said...

Beck maybe you need to get Rach to start a blog and we can all stalk her. good way to put out about her business also.
I will let you work on her lol.
and yes payback is a Bitch.