Thursday, March 6, 2008

Before Rachel says anything...

Yes, Rach/Bo - it has been a couple of days since I blogged. Thought I'd better do something before I got another one of those texts from you about not blogging often enough! I seem to have been really busy this week, but can't really see what I have accomplished...

My double page layout of J's first birthday still lies unfinished on my scrap table, the washing is still piling up in the laundry, and the lounge still needs vacuuming desperately. Oh dear!

I still haven't even looked at the few photos I took out at the track on Sunday, so you won't see them for a bit yet. I spent two hours on Tuesday night studying some of my Legal Exec stuff with Nichola - it's going to be tough... this week we were reading/discussing the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. Don't even get me started on how much I love the Treaty of Waitangi - NOT!!!!

On the positive side, I have been really good at getting off my butt and going walking/jogging/stumbling first thing in the morning, which is NOT easy I have to say. Tonight I hope to get more study done, because I have assessments due 31 March and 5 April, and the end of the financial year is looming at work, so I'm under a bit of pressure to get shitloads of stuff done there too... Man I am looking forward to my week off after Easter!

Is anyone going away for Easter? If you are going to be hannging round here, I plan to spend that weekend doing NOTHING!!!! (In other words I could easily be persuaded to go out for coffee etc!)

Well, I have to go make J's lunch and get out the door by half seven, so I best skedaddle. If anyone wants to talk in depth about the Treaty, just let me know ok? (just kidding!). Catch ya later, Toodles, B x


Bo said...

Go you well done Becks and yip we check your Blog at least once a day lol
Rach sent me your officially published layouts they look really good well done you
not sure how you managing to scrap, study, work and exercise I struggle to fit just scrapping in lol

Rachel said...

Bloody hell - opps is that allowed lol! I only just checked your blog now and I have to say where have you been since last SUNDAY!!! Crikey Girl lol! Anyway go you, on the walking front Jamie said he saw you out walking and didn't recognise him cause you still asleep lol! But since it is his first week on the paper run my eyes are like piss holes in the snow too got to get up and get my baby off although i must admit it is wearing off - fast!