Monday, March 24, 2008

I know, I know...

Yes, I KNOW that I haven't updated in ages, and I KNOW that you people think I'm a slacker for not keeping you up to date, but I am truly running out of hours in the day at the moment, honest.

Thankfully I am on holiday this week, although I do have a couple of assignments to finish before I go away on Thursday....
I have been trying to juggle working full time, being a wife, mother and photographer, AND studying. I think I must be NUTS.

D took J outside yesterday morning so that I could get some study done, but J got bored and wanted to know what Mummy was doing. He ended up sitting on my knee drawing hugs and kisses on my study notes. Cute, but inconvenient. Not fair to get mad at him though, because tbh he doesn't get to spend that much time with his Mummy when she works all week and he's at daycare, but MAN I really need to get that study done. I think my day off tomorrow will consist of a couple of hours (at least) at the library, knuckling down and getting the assessments done really to email off to my tutor.

Nic R called in for a coffee today (which ended up being a coke cos it was so hot!), which was awesome - nice to catch up with someone from scrapping and just have a natter, you know?

I do have some photos to show you of what J has been up to lately - nothing of me of course, because I haven't been doing anything worth taking photos of!

He had a trip to Chipmunks last Saturday where he got to play with his wee friend Arthur (a buddy from daycare who is now 5 and off to school so he doesn't get to see him). They played for three hours straight, only stopping BRIEFLY for lunch. J was literally wet with sweat when we took him home. It was straight into the bath for him! He had so much fun though.... see:

I know he looks terrified, but he assured me it was AWESOME!!!!

The other thing he has done lately is have a play at the BMX track down in the Scenic Reserve. We took him down there thinking that he'd maybe play only on the flat area, but he went up and over the smaller jumps no worries - he did look a little sh*t scared a couple of times, and he did get the speed wobbles a few times too, but all in all he had a blast. We had to have at least four more 'one more lap Daddy' when it was time to try and get him and the bike back into the car to go home for tea! Check out this future Crusty Demon:

Check out the air under that back tyre! Yeeehaaaaaa!!!!!! He'll be doing Crusty-style backflips in no time! Ha ha ha.

Look at the dust and dirt all over him - didn't bother him a bit - he hit the dirt more than once, and the only time he got upset and required rescuing was when he got the major speed wobbles off a high ramp and did an impressive set of cartwheels involuntarily off his bike (oops)

Although, MOST of the time he looked like this - one very happy, crazy, mischievous little boy! (but hey, what's new huh?)

Hope you all had a happy, hoppy Easter full of rest, relaxation and above all CHOCOLATE! Good Ol' Easter Bunny visited at our place, and much to J's excitement, he bounced all over our lounge depositing eggs everywhere! It was SO FUNNY watching him find them all and put them in the little bag that Easter Bunny left him...

Well, I might go and surf a bit of TradeMe and the scrap sites before I go to bed. If you're lucky I'll post again before we go away on Thursday! Toodles, B x

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Bronwyn said...

Awesome go Beck I check in everyday just in case I think I'm a blog addict lol