Saturday, March 1, 2008

Check out the size of that smile!!!!!

Well, D went for his hot-lap yesterday afternoon. For the uninitiated, that means being driven round the track at speeds of up to 200kph by a professional driver in an awesomely super-cool V8! Ha ha ha!

He just LOVED it... check out the pics..

Listening to instructions from the pit crew....

The car - number 82, driven by Michael Bristow, who (no offense) looks about 12 years old!

Waiting for the previous victim (I mean race-fan) to get his helmet off so D could have his turn...

Squeezing those legs into the car!!!

Ready to go racing! Incidentally, Michael Bristow shook hands with D when he got seated in the car, which I thought was nice..

Doing massive speeds around the track...

Check out the size of that smile NOW!!! I am SO jealous, ha ha ha!

Here's what D thought of his hot-lap: "BLOODY AWESOME Sorry I can't publish what I really thought as this is a family show!! D."

Well, that's it from me, time to go get ready to head out to the track again (as purely spectators this time tho). Toodles, B x


RACHEL said...

way cool lucky D!!! By the way how did that all come about?
Went out there today had an amazing lunch at the SC Toyota tent yum O!

sarahmary said...

Wow cool!! How did you managed to scam that one Daz?! Jealous!!