Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nerves, a Bit of a Giggle, and a Teacher Gift...


Wednesday already?  Where has this week gone to?  Only 10 more sleeps until Christmas! 

J goes to Bidwill tomorrow for his grommet insertion.  Poor wee dude is terribly nervous about the whole thing.  It's not like he hasn't 'been there, done that' before - this is his third set of grommets, and he has also had trips to hospital for removal of adenoids, and tonsils, before now.  It's just that THIS time, he is old enough to remember that it's coming up.  So THIS time, he's not sleeping very well in the lead up to it.  And THIS time, we have had pre-op tears.  Once tomorrow morning is over and done with, he'll be a box of fluffies (I hope).  Fingers crossed.

Now ladies, you just HAVE to check this link out... click here for a handy dandy blog post that doubles as a gift guide for the man in your life.  It's HILARIOUS!!!!  Not to mention reasonably accurate ;)

This morning J and I knocked together a gift for his teacher, Miss Fuehrer.  She has been just lovely.  He has had her since the start of Term 3 (so for the last half of this year).  She is quite young, and knows how to make school fun and interesting for the kids, which they just love.  Big improvement on the first half of the year.  Nuff said.  So here's what we made... a personalised notebook:

Cute huh?!  That's a picture of him with his teacher on the front.  He requested something 'pink with bling on' for her, as her cellphone is pink, and has little silver blings on the front of it.  How observant is he?!  I dealt with major assembly, he did the decorative finishing touches.  Not bad for a quick half hour project between breakfast and school!

Right, time to head off and do some lunchtime messages....

Oh, before I go, check out this little cutie...

I so wish we could go visit any time we liked :(  He looks ADORABLE!  Big hugs to S, K and baby T from us xxx.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


....I have my name back (on the Prima Blog!).  Thanks to all my fans/stalkers/friends who thought I suited my 'new' name.  Not gonna happen, people!

Psst...only 11 sleeps until Christmas!


Monday, December 13, 2010


I think I'll give this a go this week...  anyone wanna join me?

I have a couple of wee things on the back-burner to get finished (well, some to even get started, for that matter!)  Check here for more info.



Oops, here's a post I thought I had posted already (if that makes sense?)  It was sitting in Blogger as a DRAFT!  Oh dear! 

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that Leanne (who cuts the boys hair) sometimes flicks me a text (with about 24 hrs notice, if I'm lucky) to ask for a card to be made.  This time she wanted one for clients getting married, with a black and white theme.  I'm not too big on the whole 'Bride and Groom' type of card, so I made this simple little number:

So easy, it was like cheating!  Tee hee.


Love, Prima, and Life in general...

Honest, it's true, it really is!  I (like a lot of other bloggers, I might add) need a smack on the hand at the moment for non-blogging.  Meh, so shoot me.  Like I care (wink, wink).  At the moment, REAL life (i.e. my family) comes first!

Anyhoo, like everyone else at this time of year, our household seems to have gone CRAZY.  J's school finishes up for Christmas officially this Thursday, but his last day will actually be Wednesday, because he is getting grommets put in on Thursday at Bidwill.  It will be nice to get those ears fixed, I can tell you! 

As for me, I still have Chrissy cards yet to finish, a wee teacher gift to make, as well as finishing off the advent calendar for our niece and nephews for Christmas, and a paper-covered Kaiser Tree for another gift.  Phew!  Fortunately by now, all but two of the Christmas 'do' parties are over.  Just our Street Party this weekend, and my scrappin pals to catch up with on Monday next week.  Ahhh, I love Christmas!  I have even been listening to Christmas music in my office on a little set of ipod speakers.  I reckon it makes me work better, tapping my feet along all day.  Probably stops me feeling sleepy I spose!  Ha ha ha ha!

I can now FINALLY show you this layout I did based on Prima's November BAP (build-a-page) sketch. First, here's the sketch we had to base our layout on:

And this is my take on it:

I finished it 3 weeks ago, but wasn't sure if I was allowed to show it on my blog until the results were announced. Mine got a mention (click here to see it) - YAY!  The only bummer is that they called me 'Beth'.  What the...???!!!  Dammit.  Finally get published on a notable blog, and my name is incorrect?  Grrrr.  Oh well, life goes on.  Here are a few close-ups of the page.  I tried to absolutely PACK it with detail.

I like the December sketch too, so might give that a burl.  Check it:

See?  It's cute, yeah?  And REALLY simple.  Hey, I can DO that!!!!

What have you all been doing?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A non-craft-related rant... feel free to skip if you prefer.

What is wrong with the world at the moment?  Seriously. 

I really feel for the families of the Pike River Coal Miners.  Who wouldn’t?  Those poor bastards didn’t know what hit them (well at least that’s what we hope).  And their families certainly weren’t expecting anything untoward.  But you wouldn’t, would you?  Just another day at the office, you know? 

And this doesn’t just effect the immediate families of those 29 men, but also those supporting them too.  The parents, grandparents, children, siblings, cousins, aunties and uncles, friends, co-workers etc.  Not to mention the Pike River staff, their advisers, and the rescue crews that never got a chance to help.  An endless list of broken people.  Just devastating.  I admit to shedding a tear or two last night for all of them.

It’s been a bad few months for those I work with… Last week a co-worker suddenly lost his wife in a tragic car accident.  Only 59, she was simply too young to die.  She was a loving and attentive wife, mother and grandmother.  She had already made her Christmas Cake, and was part way through sewing Christmas Stockings for her grandsons.  And now, she’s not here anymore.  Just like that.  How do you cope with the sudden loss of a soul mate?  I guess you just do.  You’d have to.  Because unfortunately life goes on, doesn’t it? 

And only a few months before that, another co-worker had to cut an overseas trip short because his niece was also killed in a car accident.  She was only 11.  She never got the chance to grow up.  All those things she and her family have missed out on together.  So, I want to know, what IS wrong with the world?  Really?

Sometimes, when things like this happen, people find strength in their faith.  I’m not one of those people.  Yes, I was christened as a child, and our family attended church on Sundays when I was younger.  And yes, I own a bible, although it’s packed away in a box in my wardrobe.  You see, when things like this happen, I struggle to believe in that higher being.  If there is a God, how could He intend this to happen?  What possible lesson can be learned from breaking the hearts of so many?  How is this ‘right’?  I don’t begrudge those who can find solace in prayer.  I guess in a way I am envious that they have that never-ending belief and trust in Him.  Their prayers can bring them comfort.  If I’m being totally honest, I just don’t understand.

So, for now, my thoughts are with those whose hearts are aching.  I hope they get their boys back.

Buzz - our fur baby

When I go outside to hang the washing, I invariably get greeted by a little 'prrrrr'.  I swear, he hears those pegs rattle, and within seconds Buzz shows up to keep me company.  When I'm done, he climbs onto the bench seat, looking cute, waiting for me to sit with him and shower him with attention.  Which works, most of the time!  Yep, I'm a soft touch.  But look at him... who wouldn't be?

This is the 'I'm cute, look at me' pose....

Then there's the 'I'm trying to be coy' pose...

Closely followed by the 'Stop taking photos and pay me some attention please' pose...

After a few cuddles, there's the 'Ahhh, I love you' pose...

And this is the 'So where do you think YOU'RE going?  Come back and cuddle me' pose....

And finally, I have to show you this shot of his 'bling'. Yup, our BOY cat is wearing a black leather collar with four cute rhinestones on each side! C'mon, even the boys are allowed a bit of bling, right girls?

I reckon!  

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weigh-in, Weather, and the Wee Manny!

Wednesday's weekly weigh-in went MUCH better this week (although after last week's gain, so it should)....  I lost 1.2kg this week!  Fantastic!  Although this week rather than just doing Zumba, I went and did drills on the Soundshell steps AND had a walk across the Bay, on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.  The weather has been ace (as our friend Mary would say), with lots of lovely sunshine and blue skies.  Yesterday when J and I got home it was 24 degrees.  Beautiful!

Last but not least, here are a couple of new pics of Tyler... he looks SO tiny!  I am definitely jealous that Ma and Pa have been up there since Tuesday, hanging out and helping out with him.  Dad comes home today, although I bet he'd rather stay there than come home and go back to work!

Seriously, my Ma and Pa ROCK.  Just look at the way they are looking at him.... cute!  They are both SO great with babies.  Reminds me of how they were with J when he was born, nearly 7 years ago.  Cripes, where did THAT time go? (mind wandering at this point)

Righto, time to head off to work myself.  Have a good day peeps!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Here he is!

Hot off the press (via text!)...our wee nephew.  Look at that cute little scrunched up face!  Ma and Pa go to Aucks tomorrow to meet him.  I am SO jealous :(

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Waimate Road Trip and Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In...

Phew!  I think we are now (finally) up to the present week!

On Wednesday Nic, Kath and I headed down to see Tania, as we all had things that had arrived in for us.  So it was a flying road trip to Waimate and back, after I had picked up J from school.

'Flying' cos I needed to get back for my weekly Wednesday weigh-in.  Not sure I mentioned last week's result.  Incredibly (actually unbelievably), I still managed to lose 100gms over the fortnight when we travelled to Auckland, and attended the wedding.  Having said that, those two weeks  probably (well, definitely) explain the 700gm gain I had this week.  My past is catching up with me.  Had to happen some time.

Unfortunately I haven't felt very well this week... I've had that sore throat that's going round, and splitting headaches to go with it.  Lovely.  Ah well, life goes on, doesn't it.  D had the second day of his welding course at the Polytech today, so this morning J and I went to the library.  I showed him how to use the OPAC computers to look up a subject or title, then how to use the result to locate the book on the shelf.  He chose some books on domestic cats so that he can complete the work required for his Caring Kea Badge, then looked up Cheetahs and Tigers, after our recent visit to the Auckland Zoo.  So we have lots of new reading material now :)  We met up with D during his lunch break, then this afternoon J and I headed out to Get to the Point for a look.  I had free passes for the train, so after a browse around the stalls, we had a ride on the steam train (where I got the text from Ma about my new nephew!), then headed back home.

Bron came over for tea tonight, and that was our lot for today.  Done and dusted.  You are now officially all caught up.  Hooray!

Right, I'm going to watch the rest of the movie on telly (Ransom, with Mel Gibson in it, quite an old one).  Toodles!

Kaiser Desktop Organiser, finally completed!

I bought the Kaiser Desktop Organiser at the last Raincliff Camp back in August, but just hadn't gotten around to completing it yet.  Over the past month I managed to get it done, SLOWLY but surely.  First of all the painting, then the papering, and finally on October 30, the assembling/decorating!  

I also got a couple of baby boy cards made that day too, but I won't show you those until I know that they have made it to Auckland.  Fairs fair, Sarah should get to see them first :)

The Rocket!

Our nephew Alex (one of Bron's kids) turned 5 on the 1st of November.  He's a school boy now!  Anyway, we went out for a family tea the same day that J started teeball - October 29 - before Brent, Chris and Connor headed back to Perth.  Seeing as Bron had not been well, I offered to make the birthday cake.  When I asked what he would like, Bron reckoned a rocket was in order, so that's what I did :)  Alex is so cute.  When he saw the cake for the first time, he literally jumped up and down on the spot and said 'Wow, a wocket cake?  Fanks Aunty Beck!'  

Alex with his Rocket Cake
Cutting the Cake!
And I just HAD to show you this.... here's Alex's little brother Cameron (who will be 3 years old in February) devouring his first ever Traffic Light!  

Ah, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth huh?  As if!  Just look at that mischievous twinkle in his eyes!!!

More soon...