Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nerves, a Bit of a Giggle, and a Teacher Gift...


Wednesday already?  Where has this week gone to?  Only 10 more sleeps until Christmas! 

J goes to Bidwill tomorrow for his grommet insertion.  Poor wee dude is terribly nervous about the whole thing.  It's not like he hasn't 'been there, done that' before - this is his third set of grommets, and he has also had trips to hospital for removal of adenoids, and tonsils, before now.  It's just that THIS time, he is old enough to remember that it's coming up.  So THIS time, he's not sleeping very well in the lead up to it.  And THIS time, we have had pre-op tears.  Once tomorrow morning is over and done with, he'll be a box of fluffies (I hope).  Fingers crossed.

Now ladies, you just HAVE to check this link out... click here for a handy dandy blog post that doubles as a gift guide for the man in your life.  It's HILARIOUS!!!!  Not to mention reasonably accurate ;)

This morning J and I knocked together a gift for his teacher, Miss Fuehrer.  She has been just lovely.  He has had her since the start of Term 3 (so for the last half of this year).  She is quite young, and knows how to make school fun and interesting for the kids, which they just love.  Big improvement on the first half of the year.  Nuff said.  So here's what we made... a personalised notebook:

Cute huh?!  That's a picture of him with his teacher on the front.  He requested something 'pink with bling on' for her, as her cellphone is pink, and has little silver blings on the front of it.  How observant is he?!  I dealt with major assembly, he did the decorative finishing touches.  Not bad for a quick half hour project between breakfast and school!

Right, time to head off and do some lunchtime messages....

Oh, before I go, check out this little cutie...

I so wish we could go visit any time we liked :(  He looks ADORABLE!  Big hugs to S, K and baby T from us xxx.


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This card ROCKS ! Best regards