Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time for an Update...

Well Happy New Year peeps!  Must be time for an update I reckon.  I have had a few internet and computer issues lately, but I think I have them all resolved now.  And we were away for a few days too.  Busy time of year this, isn't it?!

So, when I last left y'all, it was December 15th, the night before J's op on Thursday 16th.  I have to say that it is SO nice to have that behind us now, thank goodness.  It was a loooong day.  We had to be at Bidwill by 7am.  Then he went through all the usual admittance and pre-op procedures...

Having topical anaesthetic put on the top of his hands, preparing for the luer, by his nurse, Trish Farr.
Buttercrunch got bandaged up too!
Going through the pre-op check with the anaesthetist, Allan Robert 
Even at nearly 7 years of age, he's still CUTE!
Although, not being allowed to eat since the night before made for a grumpy little boy when he didn't go through to theatre until 11.45am.  

About to walk down to theatre
He was being very brave until he and I had to say goodbye to Daddy at the entrance to the theatre corridor.  Then we had tears.  Lots of them.  And a lot of apprehension, naturally.  I went with him into theatre and helped him get up on the gurney.  Then I had to try and help distract him while the anaesthetist put the luer into his hand.  He wasn't having a bar of that, I can tell you!  Not that I blame him.  D was several metres (and closed doorways) away from us, and he could hear him getting upset from where HE was.   

In theatre, just after being knocked out.  Theatre Nurse Philippa McKeown also nursed him the first time he was admitted for grommets, at the age of 17 months.
For the first time ever, I walked out of the theatre in tears.  And it's not like we haven't done this before - this was his third set of grommets, and he's also had tonsils out, and his adenoids for that matter.  This would be his fourth surgical procedure since the first one when he was only 17 months old.  And this time, I cried like a baby.  It was awful seeing him so scared.  And then I started to get concerned when the procedure that normally takes 20 minutes from start to finish took over an hour.  Turns out that he had a lot of 'gunk' in his ears that needed clearing out.  Had me worried though. When he came out of recovery at nearly 1pm, boy was he cranky.  He started hitting his ears and complaining that they hurt.  He settled down after a dose of codiene.   

FINALLY back from theatre, just over an hour later.  Look at that cheery face!
Within 30 minutes, he was wanting some food.  That's my boy!  I said he didn't need to eat the sandwiches, that he could skip straight to the jelly, but he insisted on having one of his club sammies (and making D and I have one each too), before he hit the jelly and ice-cream.  Swiftly followed by the piece of marshmallow slice on his tray. 

About to tackle the jelly and ice-cream...
Post-tackle - ahh, satisfaction!
Before we left he had polished off another pottle of ice-cream, and more marshmallow slice.  Talk about having the nurses wrapped round his little finger!  We got home about 3.30pm that afternoon, and spent the next day or so just chilling in front of the telly (Well, J and I did, D had to go back to work on the Friday!)

A photo with Trish, just before we left mid-afternoon.

I am pleased to report that by late afternoon Friday, J was complaining that we were yelling at him, and that the TV was too loud!  Problem solved, I reckon... fantastic!

Well, I have SO much more to tell you, so I will get busy sorting the photos, and get back to you again real soon.

Toodles for now,

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Green Thistle said...

Not that I would wish it on you, but the first procedure I had done, I had to wait until mid afternoon before they took me to theatre. And that was after 2 days of a liquid-only diet. Fortunately I was 22 at the time so understood it all (kind of!) but it was a very loooooong boring day! :-) Glad to hear J is hearing ok again.