Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas Day!

Christmas Day was exciting in our household for one not-quite-seven-year-old boy.  You see, J was not all that excited about Christmas in the lead up to it, as he thought that Santa might not be able to afford to get him the present he was really after... a PSP.  Lucky for him, Santa knows how to shop for good qwuality second hand items on TradeMe, teeehee!!!!  I didn't take many pics, as I was still half asleep.  It WAS 6.30am after all.  The face says it all really....

He was suitably pleased.  He also got some games and a couple of movies to watch in it too.  My present hadn't arrived in time, but I knew it was coming in the post (Dancing on Ice highlights on DVD).  We got D got some bar risers for his motorbike, a stainless men's bracelet, and Ten Guitars Vol 2 on CD.

Then it was off to Nanny and Grandad's for breakfast and more present exchanging.  Paper everywhere, I tell family doesn't muck around with careful tape removal or anything!  Ha ha ha.

It was a shame that Sarah and Kelv couldn't come down with Tyler, but we did get to see this video of Tyler opening the presents that we sent him, here.  How cute is that!  Poor wee dude doesn't know what the hell is going on!  Another year or two and they'll have a very excited little man on their hands!

Lunch was at Ma and Pa's, with Nanny and Grandad, Gem and DJ, and us.  Nice relaxed barbecue.  Complete with barbecue fire.  And I'm talking REAL fire here people.  Talk about a bit of drama for the day!  Here's J with my Mum.  He just LOVES his Granny...

And here's me and my Dad.  You see, I did this canvas for his office last year for his birthday, and in doing so I realised that it had been YEARS since I had a photo taken of just me and him.  There are plenty of ALL the family, just none of just the two of us.  SO it had to be remedied!

The thing is, girls are always doing stuff with their Mums, like shopping, yapping, drinking, and in my case, crafting!  But they don't always do a lot with their Dads, you know?  So that's why I wanted this photo.  Love you Daddy-Jim xxx

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mandyb said...

great few the sound of your christmas day and street party!!!
btw i thought your cards were darling!!! thanks for mine xx