Thursday, January 27, 2011

Street Christmas Party

I decided that this year I wanted to try and get our street organised to have a Street Christmas Party.  I've heard of other streets doing it, so why not us?!  Besides, on 23 Feb 2011 we will have been in this house for 10 years, and I still don't know all the names of our neighbours.

We live in the cul-de-sac end of a three block street, so J and I put invites in the mailboxes of all the households in our cul-de-sac, suggesting that we meet (with deck chairs and food in hand) at the bottom of the street on the Saturday night before Christmas. 

In the end, only four houses weren't represented, three of those had alternative plans, and only one refused to RSVP.  Not a bad effort.  We ended up with 22 of us at the bottom of the street, eating and drinking, and introducing each other.  I got everyone to wear a sticker with their name on, and we all mingled and chatted, finally getting to know who was who and which house they belonged to.  We started at 6pm, and even had Christmas music playing from one of the houses near the bottom of the street.  We got home at 1.30am.  It was a GOOD night! 

I was so busy chatting etc that I never even got my camera out, but Derek took three shots which I have (very roughly) put into a panorama for you to look at....

Everyone in attendance kept saying that it was high time we organised this, and thanked me for doing so.  And they all seemed to enjoy themselves too.  Most of them stayed until 11pm, with only a few of us venturing into Darren's and breaking out the Karaoke - wahoo!!! Even I had a lash at Delta Dawn ;) Bring on the Christmas Party at the end of 2011, I say!

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topkatnz said...

Very cool idea. I am having strong thoughts of instigating one here too! however, we have a large Asian contingent in this street, and I'm not sure they would welcome it...