Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nanny's Christmas Present

Ok, so again, I couldn't share this with you BEFORE Christmas (and I apologise for the crappy cellphone photos), but this is what I made for my Nanny and Grandad for Christmas:

It's a cute little topiary.  The ball on the top is made with folded kusudama flowers (which I learnt from LELIA, shock, horror!!!!)  The end result is fab.  I matched the shades of pink and green in the papers with a paint chart from Mitre 10 Mega, and got two large testpots for $9.  What a fantasticly cheap way to buy paint... I'll definitely be doing that again!

Ok, even MORE to follow, real soon ;)



Embellish It said...

I think thats the prettiest one of those trees I've seen! we definately have the same taste in colours!

JulieF said...

This is soooo coool Becky - you come up with some great ideas!