Thursday, January 13, 2011

My heart goes out... those poor people in Queensland.  The news footage is awful.  I suspect that the death toll will rise once the waters recede.  Some of those small townships will never recover.  Families have been ripped apart and destroyed.  Just awful.

My Aunt and Uncle live in Bli Bli (on the Sunshine Coast).  They are away from the troubled areas, but one of their daughters lives near Toowoomba.  She and her hubby were away camping in Gympie when the floods hit, so they can't get home just yet, but think that their house should be ok.  I guess they'll find out when the waters recede enough for them to get home.

Makes you appreciate what you have, huh?

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mandyb said...

for once i am glad i live on a hill!!!! but yes i have gathered documents into one place and worked out what i would grab if needed to!!! so so sad for them all!!!

love the hospital post too...i remember getting my tonsils, adenoids done at age 4...remember the shot in the butt, and the jelly and ice cream...and walking home in my dressing gown!!! hahahaha
glad he can hear you all loudly now...may it work longer this time