Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Auckland De-Brief...

Our trip up north was certainly over all too soon... we flew up from Christchurch, landing in Aucks at 9pm last Thursday.  By the time we got to my sister's place, wee man was already down for the night :(

I got to have cuddles on Friday morning though!  Here's Tyler first thing in the morning, all smiles for his mama:

He is SO cute, isn't he?!

And here's me, sneeking in a bit of Auntie Beck time...

Amazing how 'normal' it feels after so long, to hold a little bubba again.  And yes, he's adorable, but no more babies for this family.  That ship has sailed!

Anyhoo, to change the subject completely, the other reason for going to Aucks was to see this man on Friday night:

Now those of you that know us well, know that D has quite the talent when it comes to singing 'The Gambler'... especially if any alcohol is involved!  D has always been a big fan, and had never managed to see him in concert... until now, that is!  So you can imagine how awesome the whole experience was for him. 

We had seats only 9 rows from the front, so we had a pretty good view.  Talk about lucky, as we weren't allowed to leave our seats and stand near the stage, the grumpy security guys put paid to that :(

We took our little video camera, and I got some fairly ordinary footage, but at least it's a record of us actually being there...  Feel free to follow the links below to see the clips via YouTube.  I won't be offended if you don't - I know that he's not every one's cup of tea ;)

Kenny's opening performance - "Love or Something Like it"

"The Gambler" - a true classic!

He also sang a very nice song about his twin 6 year old boys (yes, you read that right!), which featured a slideshow on the big screen showing some fairly personal family photos... I thought that was quite special.  "To Me"

And here's a link to his final song... "Islands in the Stream"

So it was a great night out, which went way too fast.  Kenny might look a bit 'odd' thanks to all the plastic surgery and/or botox that he has had, but he still sounds the same, thank goodness. And he was very quick-witted with his banter in-between sets.  Not sure why, but I wasn't expecting him to be funny tbh.  His very talented backing band consisted of about 8 people (including two short fat hairy men named Chuck and Randy - how American is that?!), but he was also backed by the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra, so the sound was just amazing.  There is just nothing like LIVE music, huh?  Long story short, the concert was fab, and we have the CD and the T-Shirt to prove it!  Me thinks that D's 'Gambler' tee might be his poker night attire from here on in!

On Saturday we shot over to Ponsonby so that I could go to Milly's.  Definitely a very ME kinda store... loved it!  I bought a few more cake-decoraty type of items, and drooled over a lot more that I had to leave on the shelf :(  Then we did a little bit of mall shopping, and by then it was time to head back to the airport again for the trip home.  Bummer.  Thanks so much for having us, S and K. xxx  That said, I shall have to count the sleeps until my next trip up in June for SENZ with Mum.  More Auntie time, yay!

And finally, a post about Aucks wouldn't be complete without photos of the Auckland fur-babies. So here are Rumbles...


and Brutus.

And with that, I'm done (for now)...



mandyb said...

ohhh so cute...nothing like a little baby!!! glad you had a good time!!!

topkatnz said...

Wow, Auckland babies are sooo cute! Glad the concert was a hit! he does still sound pretty good, despite the 'alterations'LOL