Saturday, November 6, 2010

Waimate Road Trip and Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In...

Phew!  I think we are now (finally) up to the present week!

On Wednesday Nic, Kath and I headed down to see Tania, as we all had things that had arrived in for us.  So it was a flying road trip to Waimate and back, after I had picked up J from school.

'Flying' cos I needed to get back for my weekly Wednesday weigh-in.  Not sure I mentioned last week's result.  Incredibly (actually unbelievably), I still managed to lose 100gms over the fortnight when we travelled to Auckland, and attended the wedding.  Having said that, those two weeks  probably (well, definitely) explain the 700gm gain I had this week.  My past is catching up with me.  Had to happen some time.

Unfortunately I haven't felt very well this week... I've had that sore throat that's going round, and splitting headaches to go with it.  Lovely.  Ah well, life goes on, doesn't it.  D had the second day of his welding course at the Polytech today, so this morning J and I went to the library.  I showed him how to use the OPAC computers to look up a subject or title, then how to use the result to locate the book on the shelf.  He chose some books on domestic cats so that he can complete the work required for his Caring Kea Badge, then looked up Cheetahs and Tigers, after our recent visit to the Auckland Zoo.  So we have lots of new reading material now :)  We met up with D during his lunch break, then this afternoon J and I headed out to Get to the Point for a look.  I had free passes for the train, so after a browse around the stalls, we had a ride on the steam train (where I got the text from Ma about my new nephew!), then headed back home.

Bron came over for tea tonight, and that was our lot for today.  Done and dusted.  You are now officially all caught up.  Hooray!

Right, I'm going to watch the rest of the movie on telly (Ransom, with Mel Gibson in it, quite an old one).  Toodles!

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mandyb said...

love the party pics and that well as the desk organiser...well done looks stunning.

sorry also to hear you werent feeling well...nothing worse!!! and as for the weight gain...i had one of those a few weeks ago!!!! shocked me into action!!! now lost that much back!!! lesson learnt for me!!! lol!!