Friday, November 5, 2010

The Week of the Wedding...

 Yes, I said there was more, didn't I?

We flew back from Auckland on October 18th, landing in Christchurch at 6pm.  By the time we collected our car from storage and drove home, we hit Timmers about 8.30pm.  And as soon as I was in the door, I was getting changed and flying straight back out it again to go to the Girls Dinner at Monteiths.  All the gals going to the wedding were invited to a girls-only dinner, pre-wedding, which I helped co-ordinate from the Caithness side of the family.  Kind of in lieu of a kitchen evening or hens night, you know?

So.... the plan was for me to arrive in time to join the ladies for dessert.... After rushing to get there, I arrived at Monteiths at 8.45pm to find the ladies sitting around an empty table.  'Oh no'  I thought, 'They're waiting on me to arrive to order their desserts...'  but no, they hadn't had their main course yet!  Phew!  So I sat and talked to them while they ate their mains, then joined them in ordering dessert.  Mmm, cheeeesecake!

I had a little surprise for new SIL Chris, which I had prepared before we left for Aucks.  I handmade cardstock cake slices, complete with cardstock roses and containing Cadbury chocolates, for each of the ladies at the dinner.  I sat them all together on a cake stand, complete with doily, and they looked SO cute!  However, in my rush to get there, I never even had time to photograph it, but luckily Chris did when I arrived (thanks Chris!):

So a lovely evening was had by all (or so it seemed, anyway).  Nice food at Monteiths, that's for sure!  Tuesday morning meant back to work/school for us all (bummer), then Wednesday was Wedding Day.  Now I never got any shots during the wedding, but I have pinched a couple off Chris's facebook page to show you (taken by their photographer Stu Jackson).  The immaculate garden setting is due to hours of hard work from my in-laws.  It looked just gorgeous.

Photo:  Stu Jackson

Photo: Stu Jackson

And as for how flash WE looked?.... well, super flash of course!  Not the best photo, but it was a quickie taken for us by D's Dad before we left for the reception at Stonebridge.

The reception was lovely.  Stonebridge do a good job... The kids had a BALL once the music started and the lights dimmed, of course.  Most outstanding memory?  J doing his version of 'The Robot' on the dancefloor until we left at about 11-ish!  So SO funny!!!!  We took Bron and the boys home to her place, not heading home to ours until the boys were in bed and she was about to do the same.  Her Dad came in to stay at her place once the reception finished, so that he could help sort the boys in the morning, and get everybody back out to Kerrytown the next day.

Thursday meant back to work/school again (bummer, AGAIN), and Friday couldn't come soon enough, tbh. Talk about a busy few weeks.  We were stuffed.

More soon peeps.....

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mandyb said...

love all those zoo shots as well as the rest of the sightseeing pics!!! but what i love most is the colour of her wedding dress!!! stunning to see colour instead of white!!! love it