Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weigh-in, Weather, and the Wee Manny!

Wednesday's weekly weigh-in went MUCH better this week (although after last week's gain, so it should)....  I lost 1.2kg this week!  Fantastic!  Although this week rather than just doing Zumba, I went and did drills on the Soundshell steps AND had a walk across the Bay, on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.  The weather has been ace (as our friend Mary would say), with lots of lovely sunshine and blue skies.  Yesterday when J and I got home it was 24 degrees.  Beautiful!

Last but not least, here are a couple of new pics of Tyler... he looks SO tiny!  I am definitely jealous that Ma and Pa have been up there since Tuesday, hanging out and helping out with him.  Dad comes home today, although I bet he'd rather stay there than come home and go back to work!

Seriously, my Ma and Pa ROCK.  Just look at the way they are looking at him.... cute!  They are both SO great with babies.  Reminds me of how they were with J when he was born, nearly 7 years ago.  Cripes, where did THAT time go? (mind wandering at this point)

Righto, time to head off to work myself.  Have a good day peeps!



topkatnz said...

Love the photo of your parents with the new baby!gorgeous. I like that I can just see you doing your soundshell drills now that I've been there - cool! keep up the good work hon.

Green Thistle said...

Congrats on the 1.2kg. There's always peaks and troughs but I know it's sooooo nice to see the figure go doooown!

mandyb said...

well done on the great loss!!! so are you also keen to hear about the new WW programme....roll on next week and some fab changes coming!!!

btw love the bubba pics!!!