Friday, February 29, 2008

Racing time!!!

I nearly forgot to tell you - on Wednesday, a few kids from daycare (J included of course) walked down to Paykels to meet Jono Lester - the 18 year old gun Porsche driver the Blackwoods Paykels sponsor. J was really excited to be going, but of course we got there and he clammed up, got all shy, and wouldn't say boo! He did talk to him eventually, and of course he got to talk to Grandad Caithness who incidentally works at Paykels. Grandad was manning the barbecue, so all the boys got a sausage to munch on while they checked out the race-car. VERY COOL! I asked Jono some questions about the car, and apparently at the last Timaru meeting he was at, the cabin temp got up to 63 degrees! And no, he doesn't wear a cool suit, he just prides himself on being fit enough to tough it out. Now that's impressive!

The kids posed for a quick photo with Jono, and some of them were even brave enought o climb in and check out the passenger seat... Look at that cheeky monkey!

So this afternoon we are off to the track to watch D, then most of the weekend off and on will be spent out there watching fast cars and inhaling avgas fumes - yeehaaa!!!!! :D. That's it for now, Toodles, B x

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Rachel said...

Geeze where have I been, just finshed giving you heaps and come back and there are four new posts! Holy bat man - you go girl!
Love the pages did is see some paper curling happening there - so cute well done!