Thursday, February 21, 2008

I LOVE TradeMe!!!

He he he - my mini sewing machine arrived today, I LOVE getting parcels in the mail (although it IS better if you don't have to pay for them first!!!). I can't wait to get a layout together so I can use this thing, although I have spent most of the evening figuring out how to thread the bobbin into the right place and adjust the friggin tension on the darn thing.... me and my bright ideas huh?!

Honestly though, what a bargain - $20 on TradeMe, and it runs on either 4 AA batteries or an AC adaptor. The coolest thing about it compared to other mini ones I have seen at The Warehouse etc is that it does both straight stitch and zigzag - fabulous! Not to mention it is SO cute! Ha ha ha. That's like buying something for the tin that it's in, isn't it Rach?! Not that WE would ever do that of course!

Anyway, I'm off to beddybyes now... Toodles, B x

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Rachel said...

Me - I would not do that purchase something for the tin - godness what would the men think - no sure wouldn't. Actually did you see those cool new one's from Prima not sure what's in them but the tin WOW a MUST have lol!