Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Plums anyone?!

No seriously, does anyone want any plums? We have a tree absolutely laden with them at the moment. I went out last night and picked plums for about half an hour, and this is what I ended up with...

So today I am taking a huge trayful to work, another container-full to daycare for the kids to munch on, and I'll drop some off to Nan too. After washing THAT MANY plums, I'm nearly plummed out! Ha ha ha. I did cut and stone some last night and stewed them up to go with J's cereal - they seem to stew up quite nicely, thank goodness. So I have one more huge container full of plums (not counting the ones still all over the tree) sitting on my bench to be stewed and frozen. Phew!
Anyway, how was everyone's weekend? Ours was crazy busy... After my last post we rushed around getting a few things done here before dropping J to Mum's for the night at half twelve, then came home to get prettied up for the wedding (which takes some doing, ha ha ha!). Sue picked us up at half two, then we were off! The sun came out in time for the ceremony which was lovely - I even got sunburnt. Surprising considering the CRAP weather we had been having for the previous 36 hours. Nic was just gorgeous, Scott was very handsome in his pinstriped suit and the ceremony was lovely.

The reception was fun - ate far too much food because it was SO yummy, and then we danced until the band stopped at half past midnight. We wobbled home not long after that, getting to bed about 1am......another late night! Man, I am WAY TOO OLD for all these late nights!

Sunday morning disappeared as I drove next month's bride around possible wedding photo sites, and when I got home, we took off straight away to go see Clayton at the motocross out the back of Pleasant Point. I took a few pics of him while were there...
And now it looks like I may have managed to score some work at their Champs in April. Woohoo! Excellent! Oh, and I forgot to tell you all what a lovely surprise I got on Valentine's Day when I got home from work.... I came home to this:
We had decided not to do Valentines day this year (other than cards) because it is a big anniversary for us this year - 12 years next month! - and we are off to the Marlborough Sounds for Mary's wedding a week or so later, but look what D did for me... what a sweetie... Love ya!
Oh well, enough rambling from me - this should keep Rach happy for a day or so anyway (!!!). Toodles, B x Oh PS - HAPPY HUMP DAY!

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Rachel said...

what is with the OR SO!!! lol
Cheers beck LOVE the plums - yum