Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The modern marvel of MAIL!!!

Well, we had one of those really 'CUTE' moments with J last night.... He came home from daycare with the cutest drawing he had done of a whole bunch of little stick people that he called his 'famiwy' (read FAMILY, lol!). He told me he had drawn it specially for his cousins, so I asked him if he would like to post it to them in the mail (I know, SO old school!)

I wrote their names on a piece of paper, and he then wrote them onto the envelope (with a little verbal coaching from me), I addressed the rest of it, and he wrote his name and a couple of kisses on the back ('one kiss for Brianna, Mummy and one for Alex' awww). I let him put the stamp on it, and then we walked round the corner to post it in a REAL mailbox.... I know, REAL mail, not EMAIL!

So.....being the good scrapbooking mother that I am, I didn't let all this happen without taking photos for a future layout!!! How adorably CUTE is this envelope? I just LOVE it!

See...... just TOO cute!!! Ha ha ha! Oh well, that's it from me, earlier to bed tonight, because I am SO NOT a morning person at the moment when it is time to get up and go for my walk! Oops :)
Toodles, B x

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Bronwyn said...

Hey Becks - Rach introduced me to your Blog tonight - loving it you officially have another stalker lol - Awesome layouts absolutely gorgeous canvas - wot a cool Buzz party you are so clever not only cake but outfit too how multi talented are you and lots of wonderful photos can't wait to see them scrapped - I know a really waffly post but hey I'm commenting on your whole Blog lol see ya at raincliff (it getting close yay)if not before