Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back to work....aarrrgghhh!

Well, I have survived the first stint of being back to work already... feels like I never even left, lol! Sorry for the delay between posts, I'm still trying to 'find my rhythm' again between work and home life - it's not always easy!!!!

I have already had to have a day off this week....Jake had to stay home yesterday as he is on antibiotics for another earache, which meant a 24 hour stand-down from daycare, dammit! Here's hoping that this doesn't mean another set of grommets required for this winter.... there's always something, huh?

Jake now has some amazing drawers in his room thanks to Auntie Gem's artwork - she painted an awesome rocket on the front, and Jake just loves it - in fact I had to take a photo specially this morning and print it out so that he could take it to daycare and share it for 'news' !!! How cute is that?! I will post photos soon.

Yesterday at home wasn't SO bad - J was a whingy whiny little @#$!? in the morning, then happy as larry when Daddy came home for lunch (of course!). After lunch he watched a DVD, then we popped over to see Rachel, and he ended up watching ANOTHER DVD there with Abby. I was about to take him home when Rachel said "Let him watch the rest of that with Abby, I'll drop him home when it's finished - you go home and get scrapping!"....... FANTASTIC!!!!!!

I started out doing a page of our wedding photos, but ended up converting to a canvas - looks great, will post pic tonight. Am well stoked with the outcome.

Well, best dash, will catch up again soon - off to Scrapbooking tonight at Rose's, so will probably be tomorrow before photos get added.

Toodles! B x

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