Tuesday, January 8, 2008


We spent three nights in Brighton with Kim, Sarah, Josh and Brodie last week - had a ball. On Saturday morning we went into Dunedin and saw the butterflies at the museum in the Tropical Rainforest Exhibit - they were beautiful, but MAN was it hot!!!! After some lunch at the Meridian and a sleep for the Young kiddlies, we headed off down to the beach (all of 50m from the house) and hung out for a bit. The little boys had a blast being towed at speed on their boogie-boards by the big boys - see?

The weather was just gorgeous, and the water in the lagoon that the kids were being towed is was probably warmer than bath water! It was great to see Jake playing in the water, as that had become a bit of a battle lately, although it would have been a different story in cold water me thinks :) Anyways, it was lots of fun!

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