Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back to work again tomorrow, sigh....

Well, we had a lovely evening for our barbecue last night, and I think everyone had a lot of fun! J fell into bed at about 9pm, but do ya think we could get him to go to sleep? Arrggh! Consequently he woke SEVERAL times during the night (overtired me thinks), and has been a right grumpy bum all day today :( Fingers crossed he sleeps much better tonight! I am going to post a pic of him eating tea last night with his cousins, Brianna and Alex - he LOVES having them come visit!

Oh, and I have just finished the page I started at Rose's on Thursday night - is a bit different to the style of canvas I did on Wednesday huh? I'm still pleased with it all the same....

I used my warehouse circle cutter (thanks Rach), then hand-drew in all the ink dots/circles. I went nuts with multi-coloured buttons, freehanded the scribble border around the photo, then glued beads all over the show (see below). Am loving that Scenic Route chipboard lettering at the moment.

Oh well, is nearly 9pm, and D and I are gonna watch a DVD, so I best skedaddle. Toodles! B x

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Anonymous said...

Becks that layout ROCKS lol no pun intended!
I just LOVE it - bring that one to Raincliffe i think i will need to copy it!
Oh and you are welcome :-)