Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our baby turns 4?!

Really? I guess so - unbelievable really to think that it was 4 years ago he was born, sad but true. He had a great birthday at home, with lots of visitors which was awesome. I don't think the phone stopped ringing all day either, and he loves talking on the phone :)

We got him a T-ball set, and he got lots of lovely other things too, including (unfortunately) a mega-horn from my grandparents (thanks Nan!) and a battery-powered damned noisy guitar from my parents - just lovely - NOT!!! Here he is playing the infernal guitar while wearing his Buzz suit that Santa got him for Christmas (now that's cute!)

We made a simple cake for his actual birthday because he is having a Buzz Lightyear birthday party on Saturday with some of his little friends, so he helped me cream a supermarket sponge and then ice it with chocolate icing. He put the icing and chocolate hail on it himself, then blew out the candles and cut himself a MASSIVE piece of cake! (Why not?!)

Erm, the last photo here would be of the cake monster that resides in our house from time to time - attractive little beastie isn't he?! Lol! Only a mother could love that face!

Oh well, that's all from me for now, gotta go get some stuff done around here... Toodles! :)

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