Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm still in one piece!!!

Yup, I did it... 1.6km walk, 11km bike ride, then another 1.6km walk. In just over an hour... literally. My time (yet to be listed on their website) was 1 hour and ??? seconds. Frustratingly I heard them do the 10 second countdown to the one hour mark as I was JUST out of reach. Bummer.

Today I have a bit of a sore back, as my riding stance on Dad's pushy was more 'stretched' than the riding stance on the cycle at the gym, and I am a bit tired in general, but I DID IT!

I had my two-man cheering squad with me (D and J), who took pics as I strode round the track, then kept overtaking and stopping in front of me while I was out on the bike to take more photos. Every time they drove past me cycling up the road, I could hear J yelling out the car window 'Go Mum, Go Mum, Go Mum...' Funny! Mum and Daddy-Jim came out to watch the end of the cycle part and my second walk to the finish line too, so that was cool. Lots of (sweaty) hugs at the finish line! Ewwww!

So, not the most glamorous, but here is the photographic proof that I was there... I may not be the smallest person (although I am trying to do something about that of course), but I wasn't the largest person there either. It was great to see so many people of all shapes and sizes there participating. Esp. for such a great cause. Right, photos:

The walkers, just heading off...
Starting to spread out... I am about two-thirds of the way across, right near the back

Note the Red Cross in the background! (not needed by me, fortunately!)
Striding it out, around the track

I have a little 'helper' coming to assist, as my first walk comes to an end...
Getting ready to set off on the pushy...

And I'm off!
Coming back into the circuit after the 11km bike ride...

Desperately trying to get my legs to walk properly (they feel a bit jelly-like at this point)
Back out on the track again...

Hearing the countdown for the one hour mark, I RUN to the finish

So that's it people, my first ever (baby) duathlon. Didn't know if I'd be able to manage it when I registered, but the training I did at the gym paid off. Also a big thanks to my workplace for sponsoring me into the duathlon in return for some photography work I did for them.

Oh, and I won a spot prize at the prize giving - a voucher for a Triumph Triaction Sports Bra from Ballantynes.... worth around $50. Fantastic!

So that's it from me, time to get ready for work. What did everyone else get up to at the weekend?

Toodles, B x


Jenny from Ash said...

Well done Becks - looking good.
We just had the school "Country Day" yesterday, you know the usual at a school fair. Sausage Sizzle, Hot Roast Sandwiches,Toffee Apples, Chocolate Fudge, Coconut Ice, Cakes, Muffins, Cup Cakes. Think I need to go to the Gym. But also "Throw the Possum"(now thats a new one and a real one) Spot the Drop (from a cow) Calf Feeding Races, etc etc. Off to work now catch you later.

mandyb said...

great shots... well done you

Sarah Mary said...

Good shit Becks :)

Trina said...

whooohoooo you! Well done! You look great. Love all the pics, and love that you had supporters there cheering you along.