Sunday, March 27, 2011

I know, I know...'s been more than a MONTH since my last post.  Like the rest of you, I've been busy, but I won't bore you with the details!  I will however update you on some of the comings and goings when I get a chance...

For now, this is a super quick post to tell you what's happening this week.  I signed up as a volunteer baker for the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind Guide Dog Appeal, 'Red Puppy Bikkie Day'.

So, I have spent a fair bit of time this weekend baking puppy shaped cookies (for human consumption!), so that I can sell them on Friday 1st April for a gold coin donation (or more) each.  Special shout out to Dowells Office Products, who sold me some cellophane bags at cost, to put them in.  On Saturday night while D was at poker I baked a double batch of chocolate chip ones - approx 70 cookies.  This afternoon I made a double batch of vanilla sugar cookies - about another 70 or 80 cookies.  I have a double batch of chocolate sugar cookies to go, then I am going to ice little red coats on them, and bag them up to sale. I'm hoping to have over 200 cookies to sell, to raise some good money for the guide doggies.

Did you know that it takes two years to train a guide dog?  And that they have to pass about 55 different tests to qualify?  And that only 18% of the puppy intake actually make it to fully fledged guide dog status?  And that they get no government funding?  You get the picture, right?!!!  There are 1200 people in Christchurch alone who need assistance from RNZFB.

With that in mind, if anyone wants me to put aside any cookies for them, let me know.  I will happily bring some out to Raincliff Camp this weekend, if there's any takers?

Right... time for bed.  Toodles,


topkatnz said...

They are just gorgeous looking 'dog biscuits' Beck! well done - hope you raise heaps for this very worthy cause!

Embellish It said...

We have sponsored guide dogs puppies for 7 years now since my daughter was born. I thought she would be excited when the letters and photos came - WRONG now she wont even read the envelopes because it comes addressed to "Emma-Rose" which is her real name but she now goes by "Rosie". We have mucked up somewhere here in the raising of our children to be selfless.
After the Suzanne Prentice kids for kids concert I suggested we forgoe christmas presents last year because she was so moved by the videos of dirty drinking water and wanted to do something. NO WAY was giving up pressies what she had in mind!
I will keep trying ... ...
ps. I'll take 2 cookies and by all means bring whats left to Raincliff.

mandyb said...

those iced ones are the cutest!!! i love them!!
last year i got given a doggie cookie cutter....he is so cute!!

Mr.Boston said...

That's a great cause. Doggie Cookies for Guide Dogs is a great idea.