Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new toy, SENZ and cake!

I recently got a new battery operated glue gun from Tania at Embellish It, a snazzy pink one called the i-Bond, made by Imaginisce.  It's CUTE. See?...

And I have to say, it ROCKS!  Go and see Tania - she'll hook you up!  I had a decent play with it this week while making my SENZ swap pins… check these out:

I haven’t taken part in the whole ‘swaps’ thing before, and had no idea how many to make, but I have a couple dozen to take with me, so that’s a start.  Thanks Tania for teaching us how to make these lollipop flowers at the last camp - these ones are scrummy layers of satin, cotton and tulle with a bit of felt on the side and a button on top!  Who knows, I might swap one with some of YOU out there in bloggy land?!

And speaking of SENZ, and my trip to Aucks with Ma, only TWO MORE SLEEPS to go!  Yay!  Not long till Ma and I get to hang out with Sarah, Kelv and Tyler for a few days.  And I get to immerse myself in the SENZ culture this time – I am a TA for Trina for 4 of her classes.  Totally looking forward to it.  Totally.  To be honest, don’t even care if the weather is completely shite the whole time I’m up there – I’ll be indoors anyhoo!  Just as long as that darn ash cloud stays away until I get up there and back. 

D and J tried to tell me that seeing as I am away for 4 lots of dinner, they were planning on covering all the major food groups (in takeaways) – KFC, McDonalds, Pizza and BK, while I was gone.  Luckily they were kidding!!!  Who knows what state the house will be in when I get home about 8pm on Sunday night, or even if the grocery shopping will have been done, but I know one thing… by then, they’ll be pleased to have me home ;)  Ah, lovely.

It was Ma's birthday last week, and as promised, I defrosted the 'other' vertical layer cake that was in my freezer and dressed it up for her birthday dessert.  The thing is, she doesn't really like buttercream frosting all that much.  I know, right? Weird, ha ha ha!  So I did the rose swirls on her cake with chantilly cream instead.  They're not quite as good as they could be.  I had loaned out the proper icing tip, so I substituted it with an ordinary star tip, but they still look pretty effective.

And FINALLY, a shot of the inside of a Vertical Layer Cake...

How SERIOUSLY COOL does that look?!  Wahoo!!!


Bronwyn said...

Have heaps of fun at Senz!!

mandyb said...

mmmm cake!!! you are so clever!!!
SOOOOO hope the flights are going and you get to senz....say HI to trina for me..and have the BEST time!!!