Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So so proud :)

Yes I am.... VERY proud of Jacob at the moment.  He entered the Mitre 10 Mega Muffin Bake Off at the weekend, and was awarded third place!  There were a LOT of entries, so he did very very well.  I only found out about the competition by chance when I grabbed a flyer off the counter last week.  I mentioned it to Jacob and he sounded a little keen, but not excited about it...until Sunday morning when he said 'Get up Mum, I have muffins to bake!'.  I found a suitable recipe for him, and he did it all by himself.  The only things I had to help with was putting the tray in and out of the oven, and squeezing the piping bag for him.  Here's the pics, for proof:

Reading the recipe

Lightly beating the egg

Chopping up the cooking chocolate

In the cases, and ready to go in the oven

Setting the timer

Making the fudge frosting while the muffins bake

The piece of paper he put his name on to go with his entry

Tada!  The finished product
Yes, that icing is piped on.  I squeezed the piping bag for him and he directed the nozzle and told me when to start and stop.  I have a pretty large piping bag, and it's a bit big for little hands!

So anyway, we had to drop his entry in before midday. We called into Nanny's on the way there to show them how good his muffins looked, then dropped them off just before closing.  Back we went at 3pm for the judging/prizegiving.  There were a LOT of people there, and heaps of entries.  We were so excited when his name was called out for third prize!  He won a $25 Mitre 10 Mega voucher for his efforts.... which was spent before we left the store, of course!  He bought himself a giant tennis ball (the size of a soccer ball), a ratchet screwdriver set, and a glass for me to etch for him.  Not a bad effort!

I recently etched glasses for Daz for his birthday - I gave him the glass, and J gave him the beer mug, each of them filled with lollies and wrapped in cellophane to look purdy.  The etching is a copy of his personalised plate that we got him for Christmas last year for KITT.

I am doing these to order.... $15 for the glass, and $20 for the beer mug.  Just drop me an email if you are interested.

Righto, time to get lunches packed and get out the door....



Rachel F said...

Well done Jacob! Next on to NZ hottest home baker - wonder if they will have a kids series, you would rock it!

Rachel F said...

Well done Jacob - on to NZ hottest home baker for you it sounds like!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beck,

Great story, we had to share it on our facebook.


The Mitre 10 team.

mandyb said...

great post...and well done jacob on the placing!!!
and YUM!!!!!!!!!!!