Monday, August 31, 2009

Today was a GOOD day!

No, in fact, today was a GREAT day.....

First of all, I did really well at the weigh and measure today at the gym - I have lost 3kg and 10cm over the past 3 weeks (most of that in the last week alone - I've been trying VERY VERY hard).

Then I got home to find K-Bars in the mail from my good friend Mandy in Wellington - THANKYOU!!!!! Gotta love getting lollies in the mail... and I totally forgot how tooth-pullingly good K-Bars were. Yum yum yum.

AND THEN I got inside to find a message on the answer-machine to say that I had won Harvey Norman's August photo comp - I think I get a whole bunch of photo freebies, including 100 6x4 prints, from memory. I'll have to phone them tomorrow to find out!

BUT WAIT, there's more.... I have finally found a couple of cars on Trade Me that I like, so I might be getting rid of 'The Rolls' sometime soon (ie. before it croaks completely!). We are going through the 'vetting' process with the potential new cars atm. Yeehaaa!!!!

Finally the tides are starting to turn.... in the right direction for once!

How was your day? Let me know, yeah?

Toodles, B x

Oh PS - I haven't forgotten to put the photos in that post, I just haven't been able to get my hubbie off to get onto the laptop... I am posting from the old desktop so y'all don't miss me too much! :)


topkatnz said...

Yay you on all your good fortune! esp. the gym stuff - well done! So easy to put on, so much work to lose! DO NOT EAT THOSE K-bars!heehee

Trina said...

So pleased to hear that you have turned a corner and getting good things happening!!!!

Jenn said...

See I told you things were going to get better. Well done.

mandyb said...

glad you are having a good week.... yah for the mail (yumyum) and winnings