Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wow - just watched this vid on YouTube - loved it - check it out :)

I see that Heidi has given me this blog award...

And now, according to the rules I have to tell you 10 true facts about moi... so here goes...

1. I took ballet as a child until I was 10 years old (not that you'd think so now!)

2. I was a carrot-weeder on an organic farm one summer for a holiday job

3. I used to pick the light meter at the school squash courts with a bobby pin when I was in High School - I don't think I ever paid for lights once.

4. My cousin Rachel and I broke Gordon Handy's clothesline once by swing on it when we were old enough to know better (oops)

5. I was a Junior Brownie Leader for two years.

6. I was a makeup assistant and backstage hand for two of the TGHS/TBHS stage productions.

7. The first time I got drunk was when I was in Sixth Form after my School Ball - and it only took 2 cans of DB Draught (oh dear oh dear!)

8. I didn't get my drivers licence until I was 21 years old (far too late, by the way... wouldn't recommend leaving it that long)

9. I have my Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards (achieved in High School)

10. I am terrified of spiders... no problem with mice, but terrified of spiders. Ick.

Right.... I have to pass this on to some others.... RACH, MANDYB, TRINA and DANICE :)

Gotta get wee man off to school, catch ya laters.... Toodles, B x

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topkatnz said...

Haha ..... you were a naughty little girl weren't you??!! Thanks for playing - and sooooo quickly - I'm super-impressed!