Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monster time again...

J has finished school for the year now, which I just can't get my head around, tbh. The first day of his holidays he had a birthday party to go to, one of his classmates, Jaxson. Here's the card I knocked together the morning of the party before I went to work:

Yup, the monster rides again! I'm thinking that this monster is definitely the most user friendly creature for little boys cards... Oh and the reason it is PURPLE? That's Jaxson's favourite colour! Truely!

Just love how cute J's handwriting is right now. He loves writing little stories and is constantly drawing us wee pictures to take to work. Too cute. Helps make up for those not-so-cute moments, you know? Ha ha ha!

Righto, time to pack up little dude to go to the sitter's while I head off to work. Hope you're all having a good lead-up to the silly season, not too rushed/stressed.

Oh and for those of you that have asked, Mum is home again after her hip replacement, and is getting there bit by bit. Our 'bionic woman' will be up and running again in no time, I reckon! Jokes aside, I know she's still pretty sore, and very tired too, but what better time of year to take it easy at home, have a few nana-naps, and avoid the craziness of retail? Fantastic!

Ok, best go... Toodles, B x
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