Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

...well it is for ME anyway.  Let me explain...   

For the last wee while we have been redecorating our spare bedroom, turning it into a craft room, just for me.  I have a lovely hubby who has been toiling away sanding, varnishing, plastering, sanding again, undercoating and  painting, painting, painting, all for me :)  I helped a little with the polyfilla, sanding and painting, but he has done the lions share.  And it's starting to look soooo good!

I guess it started a while ago when I found a picture on the internet of a super cool shelf made from an old door.  I showed D, and he liked it as much as I did.  Next thing I know, we have a discounted door in our hallway, ready to be cut in half and turned into a shelf!  Then we managed to score some gorgeous timber blinds exactly the right size for our window from TradeMe for a bargain $30.  See how it was all falling into place?  Then TradeMe struck again - I found a set of shelving that was just the right size to go on the wall, and it's $140 price tag was less than the cost of materials for D to make it himself, so off to Christchurch we went one Friday evening, just to pick up my shelf.  D spent a weekend sanding back and re-varnishing the wooden windowsills, restoring them to their former glory.  Then I finally decided on a colour scheme, and the undercoating and painting began...  and this is how it looks so far:

I forgot to mention that the boys bought me a cute little chandelier light-shade for Mother's Day, which you can see in one of the photos.  The large shelf in the last photo is my wall unit, at the undercoat stage.  If you look closely you can see the light put out underneath it by the three cabinet lights set into the bottom of the unit, to shine onto my desk as I work.  And there are two sets of double plugs wired in there too, so that I can put my printer on one of the shelves, and my iPig for playing music on.  There are three shelves to go back into the wall unit, after it has been painted... PINK of course!  The shelf colour is Dulux Colours of New Zealand NAPIER, and ironically, the wall colour is Dulux Colours of New Zealand CAROLINE BAY!!!  For those of you who aren't locals, Caroline Bay is the main beach here in Timaru.  Cool huh?

So, there is a bit more painting to be done (thanks darling, mwaaaaah), and once the paint has had time to harden off, I can start stacking my scrapping and sewing gear back into the room, and get creating!  Wahooooo!  I am SO excited!  Mum thinks I should have an 'opening', complete with ribbon cutting ceremony, once it's done.  Hmmm, maybe...!  We'll have to stand in there like sardines though, it's not an overly huge room :)  Could be fun... Well, definitely cosy anyway!

Righto, that's it from me for now.  Time for bed.



Rachel F said...

looking awesome becks LOVE that pink door!

Embellish It said...

I showed Greg your pink door shelf, his response: "you scrappers are a funny lot arent you!"
Not quite the response I was aiming for! It looks so lovely and shiny, good job D.
See you Saturday.

Bridgette said...

fantastic Beck. just loving the colour scheme. and yes you will have to cut the ribbon.

topkatnz said...

Very cool. Funky idea with the corner shelf unit! Love the wall hangers for your layouts too:) hope you love your new space!!

Today for Tomorrow said...

I was going to say 'very cool' but it is really 'very hot' with the hot pink door shelves. - Great idea and looks great. You will love having your own creative space.

mandyb said...

that door looks so so cool!!!
YAH you and what a cool man!!
you enjoy it!!!
and yeah i am kinda agreeing with your mum....i think you need a ribbon cutting ceremony!!! lol