Monday, April 16, 2012

She's baaaack!

Ok, so I have a bit of time on my hands now, seeing as I am on holiday :)  I have been SO BUSY since I last posted, that blog posting was pretty much the furthest thing from my mind, but things are pretty much under control for now, so expect to be seeing a bit more of me!  So, what have I been up to?  

Well, the training has continued (although not so much the last couple of weeks, to be completely honest), and I completed the Hadlow to Harbour.  In fact I ended up being the team leader for the TDC staff entry.  

And considering that the furthest I had run before the event was 5km, I was surprised at how hard I managed to push myself.  I ran/walked the whole way, continuing to egg myself on again as I got my breath back each time I walked.  I must have run about two-thirds of it all up, finishing in 1 hour 18 minutes.  D ran the last part with me over the finish line, encouraging me to drag my butt across it, cos I was ready to give up!  He finished in 57 minutes!  By hell did I pay for all that effort.  Having not ever run that far before, I was dealing with some serious sore muscle issues for a few days afterward. And some blood blisters in places you don't want to know about tbh. Must've looked hilarious trying to follow me up or down the stairs at work on the Monday.  By dinner time Monday I was ready to give away all the training and running altogether, I was that sore.  The things we do huh? I am pleased to report that I am now back into the Zumba twice a week, but have been a bit slack on the running training with the boys.  I think I'll try to resume a regular routine again once school goes back next week.  Maybe!

I've also been working on the planning side of things for Crop for a Cause 2012.  You can check out the dedicated blog for that here.  Tickets are available for pre-sale now!  If you want a refresher on how the last one turned out, or if you missed out last time and want to see what you missed, you can check out Crop for a Cause 2010 here.  Obviously there is a whole hang of a lot that goes on behind the scenes to pull an event like this together.  No mean feat, but I love love LOVE it!  More on that soon...

AND, if you haven't heard me bleating on about it already, I got an awesome present for Christmas from D, a Silhouette Cameo: 

FAB-U-LOUS!!!!  Google it if you don't know what it is or what it can do... SO cool!  It can cut paper, card, fabric and vinyl.  I have been making vinyl transfers for just about everything I can, and teaching myself how to etch patterns onto glass with vinyl transfers and glass etching cream.  Oh, and cutting cardstock and paper and cardstock and paper and cardstock and paper and.... you get the idea?!  Here's some of the craziness...

The flourish I added to my machine

The sign that is now on our toilet door!

Two transfers I made for D, which he put on his laptop

Our front door...

Jacob's school drink bottle

AND at present I am in the process of clearing out the spare bedroom to turn it into a PROPER woman cave (ie scrap/craft room), including choosing paint colours, buying timber blinds (and hopefully some shelving on Thursday) off TradeMe, and buying a cheap door so that D can turn it into a pink version of this:

Very cute huh?!  I will try and post pics as the DIY continues.  My blinds should arrive by the end of the week - a $30 bargain from TM (thanks to D spotting them last night!)

AND, last but not least, I have just been invited to be a part of the Embellish It Design Team for new owner Jo Flannery.  So there is bound to be much much more to come on that soon :)

Right.  That's enough for now.  You should all feel suitably up-to-date now, and the president of my fan club (aka my very own personal stalker!) should now stop hounding me to post something on my blog!!!



mandyb said...

busy busy busy!!!
loving all you are making...i mUST stick my flourish onto my machine!!!

well done on the race too!!!

Angela said...

I love the door idea. That is awesome. Fantastic on the Hadlow to Harbour. I am currently stuck on Week 7 of C25K, but definitely have improved!

kalciaa said...

So, so jealous! This printer (or how should I call it) is awesome!