Monday, July 6, 2009

Glimmermist has a new look?

Why yes it does! Check it out:

Glimmermist is the same great product with a fabulous NEW look. Don't they look cute! Check out more about Glimmermist at the Tattered Angels site here.

I LURVE Glimmermist. I spent a few hours with Ma today making cards, introducing her to Glimmermist. As I suspected, now that she's used it, she's a fan too! Well who wouldn't be, I say - it's such FAB stuff! So I've had a great great day. Hung out at Mum's, played a bit and got a bit messy (and let's face it, that's always fun!), then got home in time to have a cuppa and a bit of 'chill' time on the laptop. D got home from work and said that he'd be happy with soup and toast for tea 'cos you're on holiday, so you shouldn't have to cook'. How sweet is he? And of course I'll take him up on the offer... why not! So, it's been a lovely day, and it's not even 5pm yet!

Right, I have some other blogs to check out before I go off and make soup (SUCH a hard job, ha ha ha!). If you haven't done so already, check out my previous post here for a giveaway. Catch y'all tomorrow,

Toodles, B x

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Anonymous said...

Cool that Jenn won the red zig zag ribbon stuff. I think I know the source of her information too!!
Beck I love the box you made for Gem - did you use acetate to make it?