Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where'd THAT weekend go?

Yup, it's over already, although fortunately for me, I'm on holiday this week with J... but I do suspect that I'll be ready to go back to work after a couple days! Ha ha ha

Not sure 'bout you lot, but MY weekend went super fast. Like the speed of sound (or so it seemed!). Seriously. Oh, can you tell I've been watching Grey's Anatomy?! LMAO!

Saturday got gobbled up by my WONDERFUL sleep-in (my turn on Saturdays, D's on Sundays), our fortnightly grocery shop, a little bit of finishing work on UFO scrap items (that's Unfinished Objects!) made easier by the foul weather, a short visit from some scrapping friends, and a long visit with my oldest and dearest friend Ange and her fiance Andy.

They are back from Kuwait for a bit while school has it's summer break - they teach kids in an American School over there - so it was good to have a catch up. The boys indulged in a bit of Jim Beam & Coke, and Ange and I had a Chateau Cardboard! (mmm, starting to sound like a habit, huh - oops!)

Today the weather just wasn't much better (check out how it's looking here). J and I made birthday cards for Gem this morning, then we headed off to have morning tea with my Nanny and Grandad, and followed that with a visit to Ma and Pa's to give Gem her cards/present. After lunch I did a bit more scrapping - even finished a layout, while my boys dozed on the couch! Next thing I know it's tea time, then 'crash-in-front-of-the-telly' time, and here we are!

So that's that. A lot to say about nothing much at all really. Well, you DO insist on reading this, don't you?!

I have another pressie to give away.... While I scrap I listen to my ipod, a mix of real old school tracks, top 40 hits and everything in between. I will make up a disc of 'Beck's Scrappin Tunes' (assuming someone wants it of course, ha ha ha!), and post it out to the lucky winner. So, if you wanna get hooked up, let me know y'all.... I might even send out more than one, who knows? Leave a comment and you never know your luck.

Right, off to put more wood on the fire and turn it down for the night, to hopefully keep us roasty-toasty in the morning, then it's off to bed for moi.

Toodles, B x


bridgette said...

Yeah Yeah Beck, Us girls down the other end of the hall at rainclilff would like a copy. Then when I bring my ipig out we can play at the same time and you will not hear "come beck turn it up" "Oh Oh play that one again " Will go to a very nice home at our TABLE OF SIX

Rachel said...

Sounds like a great idea Beck - I love your music and it is so nice of you to think to bring it to camp.
Table of Six will be dissapointed there will be none of that this camp!

Karen said...

Gidday Beck, After just seeing you at the shops I thought I'd better not just "lurk", I'd better say Hi. And what a fab blog to do so! Your music is my school era too. Fantastic music!!
And what a great idea for a give away! Cheers Beck.

topkatnz said...

you got me wondering now, just what exactly are those old school tracks you love??????LOL

cameracrazychick said...

Hey Heidi, 'old school' for me is the likes of Abba, CCR, The Foundations, Elvis, Beatles, etc etc etc - like I said, ALL SORTS!

Nice to see some comments rolling in - will leave it open until the weekend to give everyone a chance.