Thursday, July 2, 2009


Yup, we're still here, just flat out, as usual. So what's new?!

I've been getting some study done, but I have a LOT more to do to get on top of it tbh, so you know what I'll be spending a lot of next week doing while I'm on holiday huh? Bummer. Oh well, no-one to blame for that but me. J is getting tired - only two more days left at school. Man, is he ready for a holiday! Talk about Mr Cranky-Pants! Attitude central at our place at the moment. And D has just about finished work on their stocktake, which is a HUGE job for him. Nice for it to nearly be over.

I have next week off work (week one of the school hols) to be at home with J, then D is taking off the second week. Half time, change sides... passing ships in the wind... (add more cliches here).

It'll be a busy ol' time over the next few weeks... it's my little sister's birthday this weekend, and D's the following one. I am off to Auckland to SENZ on the 16th, which I am starting to get excited about - I have booked into 4 classes and Saturday evening's charity crop, so I'll be busy busy busy! My other sister conveniently lives almost right around the corner from the Telstra Clear Events Centre where it's being held, so I'm crashing at her place for three nights. And a few days after I get back, it's MY birthday. Phew! I said it'd be busy, huh? I kid you not!

Oh and I nearly forgot - the winner of the RIFF-RAFF (see earlier post from last week)... Congratulations to.... Jenn! I will email you shortly for your postal addy. Yay you!

Last night J and I whipped up a wee gift for his lovely teacher, Mrs Wood. He is changing classrooms after the holidays, and won't have Mrs Wood any more. She has been just fabulous with him, especially when he went through an unsettled, clingy phase with me in the mornings a while back. So here 'tis...

It's just a little jotter pad wrapped in patterned paper, using magnets to hold it closed. I trimmed the paper, but J rounded the corners and glued it on all by himself, coloured in the teddybear, and wrote the little note for her on the front. How CUTE is that? Hope she likes it!

Anyhoo, what has everyone else been up to? How are you coping with the colder weather? (although at least we are past the shortest day, so summer is coming). Who is out there today? Leave me a comment to say 'Hi', I'd love to hear from you.

For now, I'm off. Lunches to make, bags to pack, yadda yadda yadda.....

Toodles, B x


Viv said...

Busy busy busy! Know the feeling....but I have a few hours to my self today! Yay! Mega frost here this morning, Abbie has been out rolling in it, silly dog.
We are counting down to Senz too! Can't wait!

topkatnz said...

I soooo hear you about kids being over school ... happens that way every term. Cute gift for the teacher. Enjoy SENZ ... feeling a bit jealous here ...

Jenn said...

Thanks Becks,
That made a nice surprise this morning, will send you the address. Thanks again and keep warm, I have two jerseys and two pairs of socks on this morning to try and keep warm, Take Care and have a great holiday.