Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hey up!

That greeting was for Heather! So peeps, how'd ya be? What's happening at your place?

We are off to Michelle's 40th birthday party tonight, which should be good... although it's not the nicest day to be going out. The sky has been crying most of the day, and MAN it's cold.

So, who watches Shorty? Who's dying next week? I have watched the teaser for next week a couple of times now, and I'm wondering if it's Shanti? You can watch the teaser on the TVNZ website here if you haven't seen it already. What do you think? Pregnant people and/or babies don't tend to last very long on soaps... Too hard to maintain the character? :) Just wondering.

D has now finished his first week in his new job as Assistant Manager at The Front Store. He seems to be really enjoying it, although I think it's a little busier than he was expecting it to be. All good though. He's been sleeping a lot better this week! It's hard work learning a whole lot of new stuff. And being on your feet a lot of the day when you're used to a more sedentary job must take a bit to get used to as well. Oh well, they say a change is as good as a holiday, so it's all good!

I'd better go and sort out something to put Michelle's present in (which I will explain AFTER the party, in case she reads this first).... Hope you're all somewhere warm and dry, cos it's NASTY out there.

Toodles, B x

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