Monday, January 18, 2010

Coffee and a Creative Catch-up...

This week I am back at work. J is in a Sport SC Holiday Programme this week, and spending next week while I am at work with a friend of his (thanks to his generous Mum offering to have him for me), so last Friday was really our last day of holidays together. I thought we ought to mark the occasion by going out for morning tea:

Mmm - LOOOVE The Golden Harvest... esp. their hot chocolates :) Highly recommended!

Another thing that I roped J into helping me with was driving around Timaru and scouting for interesting numbers for a little project I was working on - a perpetual calendar for my office. It's like a changeable piece of artwork really. Very cool. I think it's turned out just awesome:

The idea being, of course, that each month I change around the numbers to represent that current month. So it really is a changing piece of art. What do you think? Like it? Oh well, I do anyway, and I suppose that's the main thing!
Toodles, B x

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