Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reporting live from...

.....Fairlie! Now you didn't expect that now, did you?!

Yes, coming to you from the Fairlie Top 10 Holiday Park. Where it is blowing a howling Nor'wester, and at 8am it's already 24 degrees. Fortunately the tent stayed up all night, although it's occupants didn't sleep much, too hot and too windy, darn it!

Seeing as it is SO windy and we can't get the boat out, we might jump in the car and tootle up to Tekapo for a looksie. It is nice just chillin though, and J is enjoying a bit of independence... He has spent almost all his time here scooting around on
his bike like Evil Kneivel. Seriously! This morning while I was in the camp kitchen cooking toast, he asked if he could go back to the tent to get dressed, and he reappeared moments later dressed and ON HIS BIKE!!! Surprise, surprise!

I think he likes to be able to do what he wants, we just leave him to it and enjoy the peace, ha ha ha!!!

Well my friends, I hope that 2010 has started off well for you too. May we all be happy and healthy for the year ahead.

Seeing as it's a bit early for a drink, I might go find sumfin else to do..... now where'd I put that book?

Toodles, B x

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topkatnz said...

Sounds like your holidays are going well Beck. Happy new year to you and yours. Woke up to some pretty high temps here today - but now the weather is turning - but still friggin hot!LOL