Saturday, January 16, 2010

So, what've ya been up to?

Last time I posted, I went mad and did about six posts all in the one night... I think one and one only will do for tonight! What have you lot been up to lately?

I took J to the movies last week to see The Fantastic Mr Fox. Don't rush out to see it yourselves.... the only highlight was that Mr Fox was voiced by George Clooney ;) The rest of it was pretty much C...R...A...P. What a waste of money. At least J enjoyed it I suppose. Gosh it's expensive to go to the movies nowadays - SO much cheaper to wait a little bit and see it on DVD. I must be getting old!!!

On Wednesday I took J to the museum for a look around, and signed him up as an Explorer Kid while we were there. They have monthly meetings/sessions for the kids on a variety of topics that the kids choose. Sounds kinda cool. You local yokels may have seen his photo in Thursday's Timaru Herald - we had only been there 5 minutes when a reporter came in wanting to photograph a child enjoying the museum displays... seeing as we were the only ones there, we were it! Oh and the display he had his photo taken in? A red phone booth with an old black dial phone in it. When I said we used to have a phone like that when I was little, he said "but it's an old-fashioned phone Mum, that's why it's in the museum, it's OLD" Lovely. Made to feel old(er) by my 6 year old son! Fab.

Today I did some very exciting grocery shopping in the morning while D was working, then we took J to West End Park to play on his motorbike this afternoon. We took some food and drink, and other than a couple quick 'pit-stops', he spent nearly two hours straight on his bike! Good to see him enjoying it so much.

Tonight after tea I made this:

...Fruit Salad Jam. Well sort of... I couldn't find any passionfruit at the supermarket, and D asked me to leave the bananas out, but it does still have apricots, peaches and pineapple in it. Yummo! Heather, one of these jars has your name on it hon :)

My only other accomplishment of late was a little bit of sewing on Thursday:

A cupcake pincushion! It is WAY cuter IRL, honest. I have had the kit for a while to make, and finally decided to get off my butt and make it. I bought it at Annie's Country Quilt Store in Ashburton ages ago. Now THAT is a super cool little store... seriously.

Well peeps, not a lot else to share really... the holidays are pretty much over for me - back to work full time this week, and J goes into a holiday program for the week. It'll be good for him to get a bit of routine back into his day, and we are both over each other and the holidays, so it'll be good for the two of us too!

I'm gonna head off and watch the rest of the movie... catch ya later!

Toodles, B x

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Trina said...

Love your cupcake.
well done on the jam. I just preserved peaches today! Must be the day for it. LOL.

mandyb said...

you have been busy.... love that so many people are getting back to the basics...preserving, jam making...just like we used to do in the 'olden days'!!!! hee for the movies... i saw alvin and the chipmunks and actually enjoyed that a lot...

topkatnz said...

did they even have phones back in the dark ages Beck???heehee